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100 days on sole sourse!!


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I have set myself a little target.. Decided I want to do 100 days on ss...... (I start my 11th week on wed)
Sounds like a good number!! I know you are supposed to eat in between but would like to do 100 days and then eat and then go back to it!!!
Its only another 2 weeks after 12 weeks
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Best of luck with that Curly. You always sound so positive that I'm sure you'll do it! x


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Good luck woman, it's been done so it's definitely possible! :D Kind of like that idea myself actually. ;)
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That's what i've done. Actually did 100 days ss and i made a tick chart, or at least my OH did and i ticked off each day. i'm now reaping the rewards in my size 12's!! from a size 22. It's well worth it!


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That sounds like a fab idea!!! Unfortunately, I will only be able to do 75 :sigh: as I'm going to Alcudia at the end of June so I will be doing 810 for the 10 days I'm away. Darn those holidays and them interfering with my plans haha!


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That was my plan too Curly Wurly but unfortunately I haven't been as good as you. I had a little cheat here and there at the beginning. I purposefully started my diet 102 days before my holidays so I could concentrate on the 100 days and have a bit to eat a couple of days before the hol. But, I have done SS successfully for nearly 2 weeks now anyway. I only have 80 days to go haha


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Good luck on your 100 days of ss, I would be more than happy if I could stick SS for a day without cheating.I am going to try and be 100% on SS for 28 days. Thanks for the idea.


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Thats a great idea, I will join you on it too. Is there a health reason why it can only be done for 12 weeks? If not, I'm in!!

Ginge, your weight loss is fab, and you started about the same weight as me. What height are you? Did you lose the weight so far in 100 days only or did it take you longer? Did you do ss or ss+?



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ME too i would love to do 100 days ss challenge but wondering why they recommend you have the week off? If it is for health reason i think i will have the week off otherwise i def join in the challenge if thats ok. I am starting my 10th week tom (monday) so i am at 69 days today! lol


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NICE guidelines recommend taking a break from any VLCD after 12 weeks due to the risk of losing lean tissue as opposed to fat I believe. But, I'll bet that our resident expert KD will be along to clear it up for you :) I'm only going on what i barely remember from my brief nursing days!
I'm going for 74 days anyway, as i'll be on holiday on the 75th. So, 5 days down, 69 to go :)
Hi Curlywurly I up for 100 days too, Think we are about at the same stage. Im on week 11 going to to week 12, mind you didnt think I would get this far and here I am, after taking one day at a time.
See you at the 100 day mark.
Keep strong everyone xx


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I really hope I can do SS for 100 days and loose what I want to too! Planning my AAM week for 5th-11th June so back on SS after that for however long it takes!
Anytime I want to eat I just think "NO, I want to move on from SS as soon as possible" it seems to do the trick!

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