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100% we can do it!!

100% every day, 2nd weigh in on monday
I'm with you on the 100%,i have been for 2 weeks now.Although have been on cd for 4 weeks but had a wedding and day out at thorpe park so did eat a little on those weeks. Now intend to stay on 100% for as long as needed or at least till i have xmas party on 28 nov.
So come on peeps we can do it!!!!
yep! i am coming up to 2 weeks (next tuesday) but i get weighed every saturday. lost 9 lbs last sat- 4 days in!

not sure about this week. i have been retaining water big time so dunno how it will reflect on scales.

nevertheless i feel great! i also notice how loose my clothes are becoming. i am definitely losing inches.
my Mini challenge get through day 4 810!
Well done all of you - I've got my first pack and first pint (of water) down and trying to focus and plan for the weekend of goodness :)
hi all well i have been on CD now for 31 days now and am still 100%,hows everyone else doing??
Oh and i lost 7lbs this week :)
ooops not quite 100% today... does one mouthful of ice cream count???
I pledge 100% for my first week ..am on day 1 aswell.
1 day down! 6 to go - ive never done a 100% weekend EVER. So here's to will power!!


Happiness in a shake!
I pledge 100% ss today, taking one day at a time, is all I can manage just now, felling really depressed and bloated today, where is my enuthusiasm gone?!!!!
You can do it my dear !! Think of the end goal and "that item " of clothing you want to slink around it (or dancing naked in front of the mirror !!)
hey guys.. i'm in my 2nd wk of 100%... feeling really depressed but when friends mentioned about the weight lost.. it felt really great
so hang in there everyone! =) i'm sure all of us can go through this!
Hello ladies, I pledge to a 100% weekend too! I did it last weekend, and when Monday comes around, it's another outlook. We can do this!
its only 2 days - if we take it one day at a time and really focus we can get through the dreaded weekend.

I'm using my "Stop look and listen" style - If i'm hovering by the fridge i'm going to STOP and count to ten, Look at how well ive done up to now and how much better ill feel if i dont nibble/ pick/binge and listen to my "Good Voice" :)

I find if i take 10 - 20 seconds pause to assess things i dont do it
Day 33 for me and still 100%,weigh in on wed so will update you all on weight loss then. Will also still be keeping to 100%,strangely enough the weekends don't bother me too much,just tend to think of them as just another day.
Hi Michie,
Our profile seem to be very similar. I started on 13/9/09 on CD SS and stuck to it religiously, not a morsel passed my lips. My start weight was 154lbs and BMI 24.9, I'm 5ft 6". I weighed in on 20/9/09 at 144lbs and BMI 23.3. I am now on the second day of week two. I am hoping to get down to 126lbs and BMI 20. As our goals seem to be similar I thought you may like to be slimming buddies, we can keep each other motivated.
hey forget_always..
haha.. i dunno how to address u... sure sure. I need a slimming buddy too! =) i'm starting my 3rd wk today. =) a bit more to lose... just gotta keep on going =D

Well Tif I had my 5th WI yesterday and lost another 5lbs totalling 26lbs altogether,am so pleased as didn't feel like I had lost anything this week.
Am going to continue to pledge to being 100% as have been for past few weeks.
Roll on next week WI lol xx

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