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100% weekend, whose with me?

hey hun, this is my first weekend and already finding it tough! i'm definately in for keeping each other on track so we're 100% this weekend! :) have you got any plans this weekend? x
me too! i went to a race night last night and had a btl of sparking water and a pint of still water!! woohoo and resisted the crisps :)

had 1 1/2ltrs water today so far xxx
well I just took the kids out for a picnic and walk then to the park, I do think weekends are tough everyone seems to be doing a bbq atm or a pub afternoon, my feelings are this isnt forever and once Ive tackled my demons, I will be able to do those things again just in moderation onwards and downwards guys :)
yeah i fell your pain so to speak, the next door neighbours were having a BBQ here and i could smell all that yummy food!! :/ but its our choice to do then and once we get to our goal and have fought our food demons we can enjoy everyday things like a BBQ just like everyone else. besides, nothing tastes as good as slim feels. never been slim to every test the validity of that quote but it'd be nice to find out for myself :)
true, how are you doing on ss, is this your first time or restarting?

I am restarting lost 30lbs in 8 weeks last year, then had a planned weekend off which turned into a year whoops!, so I am being more careful this time round, I know how easy it is to slip into old habits
its my very first time on cambridge, atm im feeling scared, excited and motivbated all at the same time! out of all the diets i have done this has without a doubt been the most difficult to start as it invloves totally changing the way you eat. i can see how if you ahve a break from it that it would be hard to get started again. the only break im planning on is when i need to go up a stage in the plan come october for a week (after my first 12 weeks). there may be times when i want to eat normally (parites, birthdays etc) but im just gonna try and grin and bear it.

well we made it through saturday! 1 more day and then its back to work and less time to think about food! nevet thought i'd welcome mondays!
This is my first weekend too, im working this weekend so not too bad. In my house it was fish and chip day today but resisted and had my soup instead.....
Queenofthedamned, when is your first wi, I can tell your doing great sound so positive, and being 100% is the only way to go, this diet is too hard and expensive to cheat and the results are quick so thats what can keep you motivated, have a good day x

tahira, you should certainly feel great thats a real achievement, it may be hard but so worth it in the end x
hey hun, my first weigh in day is on day 8 for me which is this thursday! i'm really excited about it :) lookign at the losses some people are makign each week is really spurring me on too. i can't wait till ive a few weeks of cdss under ym belt, i'm sure i'll feel like a different person.

hope you have a good sunday! back at work tomorrow so less temptation! :)
my 2nd wi is on Thursday too, make sure you let me know how you got on :)

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