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1000 plan question

oh and another question, i find my pasta dinner quite big..so can i split it and have half for luch the next day??
Skinny i wish i could help you but i honestly don't know, maybe ring your CDC if you don't get an answer here?
yeah i suppose i should. i mean logically what is the difference though, if i can have fruit worth 200kcal, why not somehthing else...but of course that would be too easy, right??
i honestly don't know coz i've not been advised to follow the yellow book i've just been advised as long as it's low carb low gi and low fat and within the kcal range then go for it. Today for example i've had my 2 tetras and had some mandarins for lunch and had lean pork steak and lettuce for tea i know ive got a lot of kcals left about 400 but dunno what to have it on
yeah i suppose, it was too good to be true!!

how are you getting on?

i bet i won't lose much, as i don't feel like i am doing it right..
I have a lady on the 1000 plan who on occasions does the same have 200 cal s left and she either bulk up her veg to the correct cals or chose one of the options that are low gi on the 1200 plan for 200 cals. Also she sometimes have her breakfast for supper lol

As for meal size you can split into two if thats what you want to do

well this week am feeling pretty s**t it's my TOTM and according to my scales which were right last weigh in i'm now 2lbs heavier than i was before i started the diet i'm in absolute agony with it too but food wise been ok, went out for a meal on sunday but in 11 days thats the only bad day i've had so i'm really not looking forward to getting weighed this week.
I lost 6lbs in my first week doing the 1200 plan so it is possible to lose a fair bit but regardless of what you lose it's less than you weighed last week and you're consuming a lot fewer kcals than you would be on a normal diet!!
My aunt has been on 1000 plan for 26 weeks and has lost 5 stone exactly since yesterday lol She has weighed out everything and been 100% on plan and has been a superstar and the change is unbelievable.

wow now that's fantastic!!!

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