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100lb gone forever


Still rockin' it
I DID IT:eek::D
I have now lost over 100lb after my 2lb loss this week (worked extra hard as I REALLY wanted to hit this milestone)

God- I can't believe I actually got here. It seems so daunting when you first start out and like it would take a miracle to get there. It has taken over 2 years of hard work and I still have 11.5lb to go until target, but this feels so huge I had to share

Thanks for all your help and support guys and gals- you really make dreams possible with your fantastic support

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Fantastic !!!
What an amazing achievement - well done you for all of your hard work.
I hope that losing the small amount left goes really well for you. xxx


Gold Member
I think you should get a letter from SW HQ when you get to 100lbs lost (bit like the Queen writing to congratulate you on getting to 100 years old)

Congrats CP xxxx I have approx 100lbs to lose, and im a third of the way there!!! You prove to me, it CAN be done!


Mrs V

Loves Life!
That is an amazing milestone to get to Hun and well done!!!!



Always comes back to MMs!
Every time I feel like Im not getting anywhere... I look at CPs stats and remind myself it can be done!! You are such an inspiration! Well done on this awesome milestone xxxx
That's amazing!

Can I just say that you are an absoloute inspiration - I have set my first target as losing 100lbs and thanks to you i konw it can be done - thank you.


awww CP thats fantastic, I have a little way to go yet, but looking at what you have done gives me hope and inspiration...thank you :worthy::worthy::worthy:


Yummy Mummy! xx
I have just read your post and I have got tears in my eyes!!

What a fantastic achivement, you should be so proud of yourself and for a newbie like me its amazing to see what a lot of hard work can achieve!

HUGE HUGE congratulations to you, you deserve it! xx

ps got any piccies??X


Still rockin' it
Thanks so much you guys- I am so pleased that this proves it can be done. It really can- your words and support really do mean the world to me. I am an on-line member so don't get the support of class members- you guys are my support and you make a massive difference to my motivation
ps got any piccies??X
Check out my piccies on my profile, mate- 1 for every stone lost so far xxx

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