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  1. 100in6

    100in6 Member

    Hey guys!

    My name is Ashton, and I'm new to the forum, but old to weight loss.

    I'm a 21 year old kid and I've been trying to lose weight for a long time now but haven't had any long term success.

    Just a couple of months ago I weighed myself and I was the heaviest I've been in a long time, which was really sad, but also the motivation I needed to get right back into the gym and start losing weight - this time FOR GOOD!

    I actually started a weight loss blog and challenged myself openly online to lose 100lbs in 6 months, and started off really well, but unfortunately in the last few weeks have lost some momentum and motivation to even get my sneakers on...

    That's when I started having a read on this forum and lots of others, and seeing so many people out there doing it just like I am, which was what I needed to get me going again!

    So I just wanted to say hi and hope to see everyone around :)
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  3. Mini

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    Welcome Ashton,

    I have removed the link to your blog as you need 50 posts before you have permission to post a link off site.

    You might like to join the Wemitts (we mean it this time) forum and the exercise forum and set up a thread/s and let us know how you are doing, it will give other members a place to call in and say hello.

    Links below...

    A LOT of weight to lose? Then join the WeMITTS

    Fitness and Exercise

    This link below will help you make your way around...


    Good luck with your weight loss journey.

    If you need any help please ask:)
  4. 100in6

    100in6 Member

    Thank you so much Mini :)
  5. boris666

    boris666 Banned

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy minimins. Im new too

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