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Bears dont dig on dancin'
Had a sneaky peak the day before WI and I've lost just 1.5lbs, this happened a few weeks ago and I was fine with it, but this time it just seems stupid... I'm feeling rather crappy as I think my efforts deserve more than 1.5lbs!! I use my HEX's, and 5-8syns a day so maybe it's just that's how much I lose... who knows... Just needed to let off some steam :) Anyone else worried about WI tomorrow? Xx
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Firstly, 1.5lbs is great!!!! It's very good in fact. Don't worry about it. Secondly, don't have a sneaky peak and fret..... just see what happens at your official WI and go with that, it may be 2lb but it may be 1 lb (in which case you'll be even more annoyed!)
Why do you only have 5-8 syns a day? You are allowed up to 15 - has your consultant told you to use less? The thing is, these are the things you cut down on when the going gets really tough and if you only have 5-8 in the beginning then you can't cut them down much as you should never go below 5.

You've done very well so far, keep it up!


Slow but sure....
1½lbs is a good respectable weight, you should be so proud of yourself for doing so well.

You may find you will be surprised when you get on the scales, and I agree with Jaylou, maybe 'up' your syns a little to help your weight loss, and drink plenty of water, it really does help.

Good luck for your WI.


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1.5 pounds is great and I would be more than happy with that!
I worry each time I go to WI now as apart from my first four pound loss and one of 1.5 I have STS or put on 1.5! This is while sticking to EE to a T!
I now think that I had water retention and am doing something about it but I am still worrying and I don't do sneak previews so I have no idea how I am doing. I'll find out tomorrow when I go to WI!

Just keep it up and try to stay off the scales at home!
And remember 1.5 per week is over 5 stone a year!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Thanks for your reply. I don't deliberately use 5/8 syns, that's just what it's been around the last week or so... OH did the shopping before he went away as I don't drive, but he didn't get much that was syns, hence it being low. I do SW alone at home. Don't go to groups.

I'm going to go take it out on my cross trainer lol... Bad me for looking... but it should be expected after seeing my singnature!! Lol. X


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, but he didn't get much that was syns, hence it being low.
You don't have to have "naughty" food to use your syns, I don't really buy special syn food, it can be anything - bread, ryvita, cheese, extra milk, or biscuits, chocolate, crisps.

Well done again!


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i used to always get on scales inbetween then get disapointed when i went to official weigh in so now i only weigh on theres so am feeling nervous when i get on the scales cause i dont know what its gonna say


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I have always lost an average of 1.5lbs a week and it is surprising how quickly it makes the numbers go down. It is a good loss and you should be proud to have lost that amount in a week.

Mrs V

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I agree with the others Huni. 1.5lbs is fantastic...better than a sts! Are you keeping a diary? If you are really bothered about your losses, speak with your Consultant and maybe she can suggest something.


Starting Again!
First off 1.5lbs is fantastic right smack bang on the healthy average! Second, definately up your syns, eat 15 a day. Don't make yourself sick trying to stuff food into yourself, and if you find it hard to snack try including them in your meals, use a touch of butter or milk in your recipes. It'll be worth it in the long run :)

Natt xxx