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10lbs in 12 days?


I will do this!!!
I think (dont quote me though) that the average loss a week is 2-3lbs, unless its your first week then that loss will be alot more because of water retention.
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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this does not seem possible.
To lose 10lb in 12 days you would effectively need to lose almost 1lb per day. The average weight loss per week is usually 1-2lb - unless, as pizzle said, it is your first week, where you are likely to lose more due to water retention, etc.


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It's unlikely, sorry! You'd be better off investing in some support underwear for your event! :D


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It all depends how large you are in the 1st place. I have lost around 10lbs in the last 12 days but I have a minimum of 9 stone to loose.


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for every pound you want to loose you need a deficit of 3500 calories, If the average weight loss in 2 weeks is 4 pounds you need a deficit of a further 21,000 calories that equates to 38 hours of running at 5mph over the 12 days.


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Its highly unlikely hun im afraid. Anyway, even of you did lose 10lb in 12 days your body shape may stay the same hence not being able to fit into the dress anyway. Your better off using control undies as mentioned above x

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Or get one of those body wrap beauty treatment thingies that help you lose inches if they work!


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Cherrycherrypinup - I would not recommend starting SW to lose a significant amount of weight in a short space of time. It is a healthy eating plan not a crash diet. However I can see that you seem to have accepted that and are looking into reasonable alternatives (I love 'hold me in' underwear :)) so well done.

I would suggest either doing something else for the next 10 days to try to kick start your 'diet' or alternatively, just start SW, follow the plan, accept that you won't lose that much in that space of time but that you will almost certainly lose something and you will have started a fantastic longer term plan that will take you where you want to go if you keep on it.

Good luck and hope you have a great night.

Gail x
My advice is to stick to plan 100% buy some sooper dooper support undies and maybe book yourself in for one of those inch loss wrap thingies-always seems to work for my mate Vicky. Maybe chuck on a bit of fake tan as well??
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Have a sauna, or go to a steam room a few hours before your event...apparently, im told you can temporarily lose up to 2 inches, but not so sure how true that is, lol. I am quite gullable, lol xx


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I borrowed a waist 'cincher' from my sis-in-law. The lable says it makes you lose 10 pounds in 10 seconds and boy does it work!! Not the comfiest but you can hardly eat when you wear it and it does wonders for your posture!


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Why not start the 30 day shred-it might tone you up a bit, aswell as the spanx :)

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I agree with the Shred - I've got a group of girls together at work doing it - has only been a week and some are reporting 4lb and 5lb losses already :eek: mind you thats unsurprising giving the amount the workout makes you sweat!

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