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10lbs in 2 weeks ..that ok?


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Its all very relative dear, depends on how much you have to loose and your habits before starting the diet, you could be retaining water if your not drinking enough or time of the month can affect it too. Keep an eye on your inches and how you feel more than the numbers on the scales (easier said than done maybe). I find the coffee without milk very hard too but some times I froth a little vanilla shake and add it into the coffee its not earth shatteringly good but it does sometimes.


Back on the diet train...
hey hun i think u av ad sum great losses thats nearly a stone in 2 weeks. it took me 6 weeks on WW 2 lose 12lb. :eek:. i always lose alot the 1st week on any diet, i retain alot of water, but after the first week on a conventional diet i only lose half a pound a week if im lucky. thats why LT is better 4 me. :)

i no wot u mean tho wen u look at others losses but u need to remember that every1 is different. cud b how much water they retain, like exiguous sed wot ur eatin habits were or totm. also depends on how much u need to lose aswell.

keep in mind ur goal, drink the water an try clothes on that didnt fit. makes it all worth it. :)

good luck



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Hiya and well done.......as the others have already said people lose at different rates.....also if like me TOTM I usually put on at least 3-4lbs .........be strong and keep up the great work

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