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110 days... and reeeeally bored of LLT! [WARNING! Food Talk!]

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
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I'm really not one to complain about the packs, or even particularly struggle on the plan tbh... But this last week I have been getting soooooo bored of being on LLT, I can't even tell you! I think it's the 110 day itch or something!! ;)

I think it's just because I happen to have been around food quite a lot this week, which is something I don't normally do...

Had a fantastic day wandering around The Ideal Home Show with my sister... but as anyone who's been will know, there is this most amazing food section there with 100's of tasters to try, snacks to buy, fresh breads and olives and curry's and chinese... OMG!! It was tough!! I didn't want my sister to feel bad, as we go every year and getting something delish from one of the food stalls is the highlight of the day! ;) So, I told her to go ahead and not worry about me... but it was so hard watching her choose...

I also spent a day with my wonderful 3 year old niece... and she's the sweetest little girl, who loves to share... so it meant that all day she kept offering me a bit of this snack, a bit of that candy, a bite of her sandwich, some of her hula-hoops... Oh god, it was so difficult! I don't know how you girlies do it, who have to feed other mouths in your household whilst you're on this plan! You're amazing!! I think the hardest bit was when she insisted on counting out melting chocolate buttons into the palm of my hand! :(

Oh, and it wasn't even stuff that looked nice, that I was finding so tough to resist!! She had pushed loads of raisins in her cheese sandwich! And this is what was making my mouth water!! Lol... Seriously... that's some issues right there, huh? Lol...

The thing is... I'd not have found this very hard in the past, as LL was just a part of my day, I was matter of fact about it and was just looking ahead to where I was going to be! But... this week... I'm just bloody fed up of it! I have no intention of quitting LL... I have a stone and a half to go, and then 12 weeks of RTM... so I'm in for the long hall and wild horses couldn't stop me seeing it through to the end... But having just had a span of 12 days with no losses, plus the novelty of fitting my smaller clothes is wearing off a bit... I am just bored!!!!!!!

LOL!! Anyway, I think you get the idea! I'm not asking for a solution, as there isn't one! Lol... and I know that many on here have been on it for way longer than me, and I am in awe of them! Trust me...

I just wish I could enjoy a big mouthful of food... I miss it... I'm hungry... (probably just psychologically) but I'm still hungry! And I'm pretty sure this has a lot to do with my hormones as I'm a week away from my TOTM and usually around this time my appetite grows and I feel more irritated... But I just wanted to rant... as thought it would help!! So... here I am, doing just that!!! :D

Thank you for being there... and hope you're all doing well... :)

Pinks xx
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Tough But Sexy X
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Hey Pinks, you have done so well and always have a comforting word for people in their time of need. Wish I coud come out with something really inspirational but alas I am that smart lol.

Anyway I think you are fab, I think you have a real strength of character to have wandered through the foodzone at the ideal homes exhibition and just keep doing what you are doing, i totally get the bored bit I am finding that I am thinking about when I can eat and it seems like forever.

Together we will crack it and reach goal lovely xxx


...we're sinking deeper.
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Awww, well done first of all!! So many people would get so tempted to 'just have one' - but you didn't! You're very strong willed, I applaud your determination!! You did put your 'adult' hat on and stuck it out, even though it does feel excruciating now.
I believe you're experiencing a case of being reminded of all the things you can't have right now - which does indeed make it tougher... What would have made it damn near impossible to maintain is if you'd actually had some of what was on offer... But because you said no, you're finally recognising how much of our eating behaviour comes from temptation - not just from our primary senses (so all the laid out goodies, their smells, their textures etc) and also simply from being pressured into thinking we need/want what we're offered.
It really is a learning curve, and next time it will be easier to say no - because you've done it once! :)

I do understand the boredom... I remember being on Total for 9 months, it was so tough! I had a break half-way, for a weekend where I allowed myself food because I went on a holiday, but I got straight back on the plan when I got back ... it wasn't easy coming to terms with it, believe me. I did stick to it 100% though.

At the end of the day, it's only for a month or two at most. The world of real food is not going anywhere, it will still be here when you get to goal - at which point, RTM will show you and let you re-discover things in a way you'd never thought possible. This isn't a lie - I learnt how much I loved certain things I 'thought' I always hated!

:) I know you can do it. Not long to go now! x

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
S: 12st6lb C: 10st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st7lb(12.07%)
Aww... thanks everyone... :) xx

As you know, I've been 100% abstinent, having not given in at numerous office Xmas do's, a New Years Eve party, a wedding, an anniversary, a weekend away, boyfriends birthday, Valentines... and various other events which revolved around food!... And the day at the Ideal Show wasn't the hardest out of them all, I don't think... It's just the damn boredom which made it so hard!! Lol...

Plus, being there all day... surrounded by food aaaaall day!! The smells, it's the smells!!!! Lol... They can drive you insane! Lol... ;)

I am also currently obsessed with food programmes, recipe websites, especially anything to do with baked goods which contain both peanut-butter & chocolate!! Lol...

I'm sure you're right Minerva, it's the reminder of all the food which I can't currently have... As normally (apart from the tv shows and recipe websites! Lol) I do not surround myself with these foods for any sort of period of time... Sure, I go out to lunch with a mate for an hour, and take my bar, and I can cope with that fine! I organise evenings out at restaurants for 20 people from my Lotus Club, and they all eat whilst I have water, and I am fine with it really... But this week, as I said, has just made me obsessed... I will not break, but I need a good loss or something this week, to kick me back into action... It'd help me re-focus so I wasn't struggling so much...

Hey, I knew it was never gonna be easy... losing weight is a challenge, and takes a lot of strength, which we are all showing... and I think we're all amazing! :) I could just do without thinking about chocolate & peanut-butter brownies for a sec... and also stop being so booooooored of the stupid packs!!

Did I mention I was booooooored by the way?!!! :p

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the addiction to food programmes is normal.... i like to call it my food porn.... hehe xx

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
S: 12st6lb C: 10st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st7lb(12.07%)
the addiction to food programmes is normal.... i like to call it my food porn.... hehe xx
LOL!! Exactly... that's what I call it too! Food porn!! It's better than sex! Lol... ;) :D



S: 18st0lb C: 10st12lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: 7st2lb(39.68%)
Hey pinkie, you have done fantastic so far!
I've also struggled this week with the food thoughts,worse because I have to cook for my family everyday,but hay not got long to go now myself,before you know it you will be on RTM and get to goal!
It will be all worth it hun,that's what I keep saying to myself! The weeks will pass you by,as they have done already and you got through it.
You have always given us all great support on here,so carry on doing your duty! lol,we are all here for one another as you know! Your advice has been spot on. Plus (you've got some great willpower,credit to you!).

Sexy xx
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Awww Pinkie we all have days like that (most of em for me!) You've done so well so far and been so positive.

I understand completely the boredom, and the 'missing out' on events.

I wish I could boost you up a bit but am finding it real tough going too at the moment - haven't lapsed or anything I just feel really bored and fed up. Plus I've got the voices in my head telling me "well you didn't keep it off last time, what makes you think you will this time'

Anyway, enough whining - lets get rid of this weight once for all!!! :cool:
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Ahh Doll,

You're doing great and are a huge support to others - myself included.

Hang in there, those pesky food demons rattling round your brain will stop soon. You are so close to your goal and RTM.

Kirstie x

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
S: 12st6lb C: 10st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st7lb(12.07%)
Aww... thanks ALL!! I love your girls! What wonderful support and you all said so many lovely things... I'm truly touched! :D x

I am feeling much better today and back to my positive, not so bored of it all, attitude!! Yay!! ;)

Think it's a TOTM thing... stupid hormones! Lol... But nah, I feel ok... it's coming off, which is the main thing... and yes, I'm only a stone and a half away from goal now, which to some would seem like loads, but when I was faced with the prospect of having to lose 5 stone not so long ago... having 22lbs to go seems like a breeze really!...

Also, according to my stats, I've already lost 25% of my body weight... :eek: um, that's pretty good, huh? :D


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