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Total Solution 110lbs to lose

Well today I have started my Exante diet. I am hoping that by writing each day it will keep me on track. My packs arrived this morning and I thought I might as well start straight way, rather than working till the weekend which is what I wasgoing to do. So I have thrown all the food left in the fridge out and have so far had one chocolate shake which I had with hot water and was ok, althoguh you really need to make sure you mix them properly.
Anyway, I have 110lbs to lose to get myself to a healthy BMI, although that seems impossible at the moment:confused:, so I am just going for one stone at a time.
Two years ago I managed to lose four stones through healthy eating and exercise, unfortunately I have put that and two more stones on in the past two years, I just like food too much, so I am hoping that by removing food completely it will help me deal with my food issues as well as losing weight.

Sorry for all my ramblings and thank you if you have read this far, I will keep updating and fingers crossed this will be the last extreme diet of my life.
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Good luck on your journey! I know it can seem impossible - I started 11 days ago and had 71 lbs to lose and although I had one of the smallest losses in our little august starters group I am already in 60+ lbs to lose so just keep watching that 110 melt away!! You can do it :D
This site is really helpful on good or bad days and it helps to keep you focused - come and join us all on the August starters thread - we are a bit mad but we will give you lots of support ;) you are not alone on the long road ahead and we will all get there in the end:)
Thanks for your message, feeling ok this evening so far which is good. I think this time of the evening is just about keeping occupied in order to stay out the kitchen.

I will come and find the August starters thread as well for some moral support.
Must stay away from the kitchen!! Good luck with Exante, we're all here for support, it's definitely what keeps me going :)
hey hun , just wanted to wish you luck :) when I started VLCDs I had 120 lb to loose and it seemed so far away and I never really thought I would do it , well the time has flown by and before I knew it here I am 110 lb lighter and its unbelievable !!! You could loose that weight in about 24 weeks so by the end of january ... doesnt seem that far away :D
Good luck xxx


Doing it exante style :)
Hey :D

It can seem like a long way off at the start but you'll be surprised how quickly it goes :)
Good luck and well done for jumping straight into it xx


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Thanks, everyone for your words of encouragement. I have to say the morning of day two and I am feeling surprisingly good.
Hope everyone else has a good day.



Fat ain't Fab!
Good luck to you....I have just started too, day 4 today....I have about the same amount to lose as you.

We can all do this together.
Thanks, for your words of support. just having my bar at the moment and not feeling too bad, fingers crossed I will stay feeling like this.
Hey atticdieter
Just wanted to call in and say good luck to you :) I know it might seem daunting but there are people on here who have smashed through the 100lbs mark :)
Just wanted to call in and say hi and good luck :)


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Hope you had a good day hun xx
Thanks Darcy, DustQueen, Katt and everyone else.
Well the start of day three and I am feeling quite good so far, not particularly hungry and feeling quite confident, although I know it will get harder.
So far I have resisted the urge to get on the scales as I know what is best, but I would like to see that so far it is working a little bit.

Keep up the good work everyone.;)


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If you can keep of those scales you will be in for a nice surprise on your WI day :D It does start to get a lot better after around day 4-5 so you are doing great!
Day 3

Hi everyone, hope you're all having a good day. Well today is day three and I think today has been the hardest so far - it is the first day I have really felt hungry. I have one shake and half of my bar so far so still have plenty to get me through the night, but I think not been at work and therefore not been as busy has made it harder.
Note to-self plan something to keep myself busy throughout the day.

I was tempted to go to the gym, but I did wonder if that would make me more hungry. So I might just go for a gentle swim tomorrow so at least I am doing something.

It has been good reading through everyone's threads and seeing how well you all have been doing and although I can see this is going to be a very hard slog I know I have to do this and I really hope I can keep myself in the right frame on mind so by this time next year, if not before, I can have reached my goal.

Anyway enough of my rambling I am going to go and find something to keep myself occupied.

hi hun just found you , its day 2 for me so im only a little bit behind you, im finding it ok so far which worrys me slightly lol anyway just wanted to wish you good luck xxxxxx


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Day 3-4 seem to be the worst for most people for some reason - mine was day four :( but push through it -it is sooooooo going to be worth the bad days :D

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