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i`m finding this week soo hard i dont know what the matter is..
im refeeding as of the end of next week but all i can think of is i wanna do it now although im still not to goal...
i just feel totally and utterly fed up with everything and to top it off iv fallen out with my hubby and kids 2nite (big time).
so i just feel worse...
my mood has been awful for the past 2days and its just not like me.............
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Oh hun I know how you feel, I am suppose to start re-feed on Thursday but my mood is awful and all I can think about is eating , so I have started it early and am sat her eating chicken and salad as I type my god it weird lol but I just knew it was time for me (I am going bk on TFR after my holiday) I hope you feel bettter soon xxxx


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ah claire, sorry to hear uve fallen out with ur family. hope it soon gets sorted. its the thing that upsets me most.
im counting down the days and shakes in my signature, its really helping, esp when i want food i look how many ive got left and feel better. to think i should be at goal weight if i stick to it really spurs me on.
hope ur feeling better today hun, u can do it.

x x
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As I'm so close to goal I too am getting a bit obsessed with food! The only way I've really staved off the obsessiveness is by deciding to lose another stone after my goal (not to stop the obsessing, may I add, because I want to lose more...). So, I think it's probably natural to be much more interested in food when you know you're on the brink of having it!

It's tough, but, remember what it was like at the beginning & the fascination with food? We did it then & you can do it again! Stay strong, as you've done so well & have so little time now!! Good luck :)

Hope things with the family have improved today!

ty all, i `m feeling a little better today, iv made up with my family, so thats the main thing..
iv decided to bring my refeed forward so im going to start this saturday, i get weighed on friday .. im going to do the last stone through healthy eating and excersise i hope, but if that fails il go back to tfr after my wedding anniversary which is in november.. ty all for your support i dot know how i would have gotten through this ithout such good people xx


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Hi honey.
Glad you have made up with your family & made a decision to bring forward your reefeed although it is natural that you will start to think about food alot more the closer you get to refeeding. If i was you i'd stick at it untill your orignal refeed date, perservear .... you have done this long, 1 more full week wont hurt will it?! :giggle: xxx


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I know how you feel! The past few weeks (since i cheated basically) have been so hard. also had other major headaches going on and life has felt one big ball of stress and i just wanted to eat. but i'm so close, i'm holding on - i want the achievement of reaching my goal.

hope you stick with it!!