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12 Weeks Pregnant, so so sick and trying to stick to SW


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Hey every one

I've been doing slimming world since March and have lost 4 stone 12 pounds, long way to go though.

Found out I was pregnant in June and basically since then have got more and more sick as the weeks have gone by. Last week I gave into the sickness and ate what my body needed which is basically toast or crackers every hour to try to help with the sickness and gained 1 and a half pounds so this week I've been desperately trying to manage the toast within the plan with a mixture of syns and healthy extra b but I know it's making me feel worse as I'm not having the crackers in between the toast. Got sickness tablets, 2nd kind now but feeling worse not better so back to the GP in the morning to see what else can be done. I'm totally exhausted as I can't sleep, my skin is really itchy and I'm feeling totally fed up and wondering how I can continue till this baby is born - one thing I know for sure, this will DEFFINATELY be the last!!

Any one else feeling so miserable and sick?
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hey hun, I feel really crap my whole pregnancy I'm now 33 weeks & still sick but because of this I've only put on a stone.

I can't wait to have this baby as it wasn't this bad with my 1st
Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy and a big well done on your amazing weight loss!

I know how disheartening it can be to see yourself gain weight but I think you should eat what you feel you need to right now as hopefully the sickness will end in the next few weeks for you. Just give your body those crackers if it settles your tummy for a bit I say, also stick to plan as much as possible and when sickness is gone you can continue with plan like normal.

Hope you feel better soon.....I feel for you with the sickness I really do! x
mummytummy is right. If eating toast and crackers makes things easier, settles your stomach and gives you some energy and allows you to rest, then forget the weight gain that comes with it for now. Most of that gain will be fluids inside you, so it's not you gaining the weight as such. Also in my first trimester I went up and down like a yo-yo, mainly from fluid retention. Week 5 I'd put on 4lb since the previous week which scared me a lot! But it had gone the next week again.

You don't mention if you're exercising. If you are, then increase it a little, if you aren't then just add a half hour walk 3-4 times a week. That should help use up the calories gained from the toast and crackers and help you start to balance out the gain. Also, hopefully, your sickness will ease soon and you can then concentrate on a healthier diet.

Congratulations on your pregnancy :)
Have to agree with the others, hopefully your sickness will pass in the next week or 2, and I know this sounds like giving up (but its not) just eat what your body needs at the moment, I couldn't stick to plan either cos I just wanted toast or crackers every hour otherwise I was constantly nauseous, I waited till the nausea eased at about 13 weeks then got on with healthy eating. There is plenty of time to worry about weight limitation but IMHO when you are feeling like you do just go with the flow, take care and good luck, Jo


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I totally sympathise with you! I am just coming up 32 weeks and still sick unfortunately.

I lost 7st 6lb last year. I was at goal for 3 months when I got pregnant. The only thing I found relieved my sickness temporarily was eating carbs, i.e. crackers, toast, biscuits etc... very regularly. I have gained weight in my pregnancy that I will work hard to lose again afterwards and I am not giving myself a hard time about it, although that is much easier said than done!

Congratulations on both your weight loss and your pregnancy!

Don't be hard on yourself, listen to your body and do what you have to, to get through. Hopefully it won't last, or at least you will get some let up!

Kat xx


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thanks every one, it's really hard but I am giving in and having the crackers and toast as my body needs them but still trying to stick to plan on everything else - still feeling so so ill - I've got a holiday booked in 4 weeks, that will be interesting, not sure I'm going to be able to enjoy it :(

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congratulations on youre pregnancy and amazing weight loss , hope the sickness settles down soon so you can enjoy youre pregnancy.

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