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12stone-9 stone. Jan-July


Went traveling, did a month in Thailand training 6 hours a day to get the body of my dreams before i went to Australia. Went to Oz, traveled, met a guy, got pregnant, had a gorgeous baby boy.

Put on 4 stone, was eating for 2, but forgot that the other person was a wee small baby, not a big grown man!

So started healthy eating pretty much the day he was born.
30 Dec 10 ----> 16 March 11
12 stone 13lbs 3/4 ----> 10 stone 12lbs 3/4

12week tranformation
Mar 20 2011

Today is the first day of my 12 week tranformation- hopefully!

I am already trying to eat "clean" well as clean as i possibly can, my down fall is i have a sauce over my chicken rather than just plain chicken and rice. and i also have to have a choc bar everyday!- without this i wouldn't stick to any sort of healthy eating/diet.

I am going to do cardio 3 x per week, mainly cardio combat. but i will swap it about a bit. and also liftin 3 x per week. I am by no means a weight lifter, so only time will tell if i am doing things right.

18pounds in min i want to loose over the next 12 weeks- 1 1/2 week, anything over will be a bonus. so i will only be 6 pounds of my target weight. June 12th is my end day
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well todays been a great day, and its not even 12 o'clock yet, there was a time were i would only see the night time 12 when i was having a wee drink. oo how times have changed, and i wouldnt change it for the world!

Been took ma boy to baby sign, walked there and back (2miles)

been told i can have someones old weights- yes. means i can do more weight at home, which leaves the gym for group cardio classes- i am soooo lazy if i don't do it in a group. This way i feel as if your being watched so you cant cheat.

Got a really sore bum and legs today, not complaining tho, means i'v done some work.
today so fars been bad day, went to baby group but instead of walking i decided to go in the car.

breakfast -
wasnt my usual egg an toast but granola. 169 cals

Lunch -
Hot dog, bread and weight watches yoghurt... also 2 twirls- 762cal-tut tut!!

total cals so far 930cal. and i've not even had dinner yet. Will just be having a small dinner i think. Aiming for 1500 cals today so still within my cal allowance, just it isn't very healthy.

weigh day tomorrow, even tho i've eating like a pig, i'm hoping to have lost something. have lost 1/2 pound so far this week (i weigh my self everyday but only log it on a wed)

Feeling very bored! been to baby group and nothing to do all afternoon. might be taking lil one swimming when hubby gets home tho to depending what he feels like when he gets in. fingers crossed tho. been dying take him swimming for agesss.
just squeezed in some cardio whilst baby fast asleep, aww, cant believe how cute he is, must be the cutest baby ever (i think every mum must say that) only 20 mins, but i don't feel so bad about having hot dogs, and twirls for dinner.
weigh day... only lost half a pound :-( still at least its half a pound of and not put on. Cant complain as i've still been eating the foods i want.

good inspiration to make me work harder this week. gym day today, o cant wait. its the only me time i get. well apart from going out this weekend

First night out on friday with the girls. were going wetting the babies head. the boys had their turn weeks ago so its only fair we get our turn... after all we went through all that pain. (people say u forget, i bloody haven't! ouch) sooo worth it tho!

were going to rendezvous, i've gone from raging nights out up town (before baby) to a nice sit down meal and a disco... o i'm getting all sensible and grown up. 3 course meal it is... ahh all my hard work. i no (hopefully!) i can just pick at it and leave the rest, at one time i would have never done that. just scoffed the lot. also first time on the booze since forever. 1 drink and that will probs do me.
ooo am aching today, did my arms workout yesterday. didnt think i did much but god i'm feeling it today.

Just been sorting out a fat-thin album. can really tell the diffrence with my clothes on, however when i do shots showing body i look just the same- just a smaller version. and wobbly horrible bits everywhere :-( i want gok wan to help me look good naked- i think even he would have a job.

any way, nearly 1 week down of my 12 week programme. hopefully this will help me tone up.

on a good note, lost half a pound since wed... yeah!! and night out tonight, yeah.... first time out in wheyyy over a year.
well had a fab time out last night. rough as a bears ass today though. think i drank way to much. did well with my meal i just had a bit of my soup, chicken and veg so all healthy, and even went for the healthy desert option of frut salad. rather proud of myself. and jumped on the scales this morning, and lost 3 pounds! don't no how i managed to loose 3 pounds over night, or maybe i am just that dehydrated.

just had a lots of choc, ya no what its like after you've had a drink you always want stodgy food and you just cant say no to it. ahh hope i not put the weight back on now!
in a bad mood today! :-( have put an old pic of me (from when i used to be 9stone) as my background on the computer. and said to the hubby, this is what i want to look like, what i will look like by aug (well i want to be 9stone by then) but by crimbo i want to be toned as well as 9stone. to which he just laughed and said yeah pigs will fly. How bloody rude!! propper fuming! nice encouragement that luv.

Then, i got my weights out, i never do them in front of him because i'm that paranoid. (he was just on his way out) he picked them up and said huh, there not very heavy are they. and he wonders why i never do anything in front of him even tho he says why dont i he wont laugh. yeah you just make comments like that.

have lost 2 1/2 stone so far, considerin i had a section and baby has just turned 12 week. (when the doc says u can start exercisin) think i've done quite ok, even if do say so myself :)

my head as all in it but now i look and i think yeah, i've had a baby i never going to look like that again why am i even trying. but then part of me wants to prove him wrong that i will look like that again. grrr rant over!

On a plus side, 1 week down 11 to go on the 12 week burn the fat programe.
Hun, you have done AMAZING! 2 and a 1/2 stone in 12 weeks. And with a new baby!

I know how hard it is, trust me, my daughter is 15 weeks today...
Take no notice of the hubby! Men will never understand what it feels like when we are recovering from having a baby. It's no easy thing to do, so recovering and losing weight at the same time is definately not easy...
thanx, yeah its hard, you think your not gettin no where but when you look back you have. had weeks of loosing very little and you just want it to come of now! but like they say it took 9 months so got to give it 9 months at least to get back to how i was. i'm just so inpatient.
just propper cleaned the whole house-mum tidy as i call it- cuz when we were kids and yor mum said tidy your room, you would just shove eveything in the bottom of your cupboards.so your room looks tidy. but when mum said i want it my tidy... you no she means buisiness... its a case of pulling everything out and cleaning every single thing. sorting through all your stuff. bit by bit.

rahh still haven't found it!! we have a missing remote. god knows where it is! i've looked everywhere!

on a good note, we have a nice clean house, and it was good exercise. got to of burnt a fair few calories !

gym tonight to, woo can't wait, missed it on fri as went out.
thanks guys! :)

well... i found the remote, the only place didnt look was the bin, and guess where it was!?! yep, hubby threw it away by accident, rather him than me, cuz if i'd have done it i would of never heard the last of it! we new it was him cuz it was inbetween all his cake wrappers. busted!!

gym last nite was good, had a diet red bull, dont have them often. propper made me work hard but without feeling like it was hard. o my new thing before the gym now i think. cuz i definatly must of burn more calories, sweated buckets more!

just done my arms workout. its a good job i do most of my weight at home. i must of pulled some god awful faces and made some very strange noises. and then when i do do weight in the gym i have to try my hardest not to pull any funny faces. but then some times it just slips out and i get dead embarresed cuz people think you must be lifting heavy weight but i'm really now, i'm just weak.
ooo am in such a good mood today. woke up to a nice tidy house (hubby been having a clean up) a loss of 3 1/4 pounds and had a nice lie in. baby woke me up at 10past 9... the longest he's slept in for. not bad for a 3 month old. (he must get his need for sleep off his mum)

so goes to show that 1200 cals is to low- as last week i only lost 1/2 even after all the exercise i did. this week i've been on 1500 still done my exercise but less than last week- i didnt do my 10mile walk, or the gym on fri- i even had a night out on the drink on fri. Also been having a fair bit of choc (all in my calorie allowance tho) this is the best healthy eating i've ever done cuz i still have what i like. this is the longest i have ever been on a diet. well i wouldn't even call it a diet, i now no what they mean when they say its a healthy lifestyle change because this is something i can stick to for life. and i don't feel deprived off anything, cuz if i want it i have it. ooo i hope my ood mood lasts.
Just worked out my bmi... its gone from 31.2 (obese) to 25.6 (overweight) still a lot of weight to loose, but good to see progress. Another 4 lbs then i will be in the normal weight range, yeahh!!
weigh day

today i have lost all of...... 1/4 a pound!! what a load of rubish!! yesterday i had lost 1pound and a quarter and today, my offical weigh day i gained a pound. i suppose eating lots of my mothers day chocies didnt help. mmm was worth it. added a pic of my mothers day present!! (yes the choccies are that good- plus show how cute my lil man is :D)

hubby has to hide them now so i dont scoff the lot. o he knows me so well!! still happy tho- i've lost 2inches of my hips in 2 week (sounds a lot, seems wrong but o well, mychart says i have so i'm sticking to it!!)

ALSO... i wore my purple dress yesterday, this dress i was famous for wearin all the time when i was traveling. i wore it as a top, a bit to short in sunny england to wear as a dress. And i got complimented. made my day!! yeah.
had such a hard day yesterday... i just wanted to eat and eat, all i could think about was food.

Had a little bit of a pig out at dinner time, felt guilty, but still wanted more chocolate. Soi let myself have 1 choc orange bar 210 cals in evening. nom nom, it was soooo good!! went up to the 2000 scale on calories (i usually stay 1200-1500) and i lost half a pound. So i ate more and lost half a pound, this loosing weight is really wierd!!

So hopefully today will be better. god why do i get cravings soooo bad, its like if someone said to me or go on just have a binge, i would have ate eveything in sight.

Got a wedding on the 23rd and wanted to be down to 10stone 6lbs, currently i'm 10stone 7lbs and 3/4 so hopfully i will reach my target. i would like more, but not counting on it as this week wed-wed i only lost 1/4 of a pound :-(. still considering what i ate this is still good. God why do i want to eat food alllll the time.

I even fill myself up on healthy foods and i still want chocolate.

Today will be better!! Protein shake for breakfast, homemade soup for dinner and fish and corn on cob for tea. nuts for snack. and always have to have a choc in the evening- choc orange 210cals nom nom. total- round about 1500cals
went to the gym yesterday. dont usually go on sundays. but we did a compromise. he got to watch his formula 1 nag free. (its sooo rubbish!) and i got to go to the gym, yeah.

Feeling it today in my arms, didnt think i'd worked them that much but my arms are sooo sore!

went to a bbq yesterday to- did good only 2 vodkas an coke and 1 meat free low cal burger! complained i caught the sun and burnt. wish i hadnt, today its raining. so had to stay in and do all my house work. nice clean house now- bliss! quick bru and playtime with mi lil boy.

been invited to another bbq in july, nothing like forward planning! so more incentives to loose weight!
went to gym yesterday again. dying for this weight to hurry up and come off!!

In my old pants now... yeah! dropped 4 dress sizes in 4 months. i just have my big muffin top what i want to get rid off.

These past few weeks the weight is comin off soooo slowly! 1/4 of a pound last week. and i think it will be half a pound this week (weigh day tomorrow) Come on hurry up!! i want to be slim and toned for july!! I would say i want to fit in a bikini, but the joys of having a baby an section, i have a road map on my stomach and loose skin :-( the only way id ever wear a bikni was if i have a 6pac, which isnt going to happen :-( even back in the day i never had a 6 pac :-(

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