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13 weeks to Glastonbury...I WILL be in Skinny jeans!!

Hello everyone!

I have been lurking on here for a few weeks, reading the brilliant diaries of your fab CD'ers...waiting till I could afford to go..

My mum joined 5 weeks ago today, and she lost 22lbs, after I told her how great it sounded.

I joined Cambridge Diet on Wednesday last week. Day 5 and I have got over the hunger, and feel full of energy today!

I have three girls, live in a little village, and have to drive the girls to school every day, which has not helped me shift any weight.

My goal is to get into a pair of skinny jeans for Glastonbury which is 93 days away...

What a sunny day today...might go dig up my veg patch...xx

I am ON IT!!! :D
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hi and well done getting to day 5 , and you sound so positive I can almost see you at Glastonbury in those skinny jeans already :D keep it up hun and you will look fabulous , how much have you go to loose ?

ahhh veg patch , I really need to get mine sorted soon and decide what to plant this year .. what do you grow ??

I am thinking courgettes , butternut squash , spuds , peas and sweetcorn this year ( also have alpine strawberries and raspberries still in from last year :) )
ive just started growing, it will be my first year. I have lambs lettuce for my tortoise, and brocolli and onions growing indoors...I have loads of friends who grow, so ive taken the plunge in prep for ah ealthier eating regime when I finish this.

I cant add a signature or avatar, is there a post count i have to reach first...as have a ticker to add xxx
ooh and suddenly there it was! haha!
oh i forgot i planted some strawberries out a week or so ago! Whoops, I can see im going to be a bit hit and miss with this growing lark!
Heyfestive girl!

I'm sure you'll be in those skinny jeans for Glatonbury feeling fab!! I'm looking forward to reading about the day you slip them on in your diary.

Day 4 for me (re start) and feeling great too! Just bought a top 2 sizes smaller than I'm wearing so its a size 14 (Im a comfortable 18 top, 16 bottom just now, all belly and boobs! lol).

Good luck with the growing. Gardening's good excercise too! ;)

Ps Determinator your weight loss is inspirational!!!


On A Mission!
One of the best vegetables I ever grew was spinach. It comes up so fast and you just keep picking over and over, and it was so delicious!
Thanks everyone...

I just had my soup. I ran out of chocmint shakes which I was SO looking forward to tonight...Boo.

My hubby is starting it tomorrow!!
Hellooo! I was meant to go to Glastonbury this year but got my deposit refunded because I can't afford it! Boooooo. Hope you're doing well :)
Boo :( I've done lots of festivals, have been 4 times, this will be number 5...This year we are being super brave and taking all three of our daughters...9, 6, and 1 1/2 *wibble*
Wow they are lucky girls!! We are definitely going next year when I'm slimmer and fitter because it's so huge. I hope when I have kids I'll be able to take them to Glasto, would be such a cool memory for them :)
Next year is a fallow year, where they rest the land, so it won't be on :( Hence us going at all costs haha!

Also my eldest will have to start paying in a few years, so I want to get them accustomed, before i dish £££ on a ticket for them...
Day 6.

Well today has been weird, I haven't felt starving, but I REALLY want to put things in my mouth. NOW.

My hubby signed up this morning, and he has 1.5 st to lose, so it will helpful to only have to cook for the girls.

A friend and I went shopping in Bath today, and I sat and watched her eat a huge tuna mayo baguette, do you know what? It empowered me to keep going...I I ever fall off this wagon, it will not be because I couldn't resist some mashed up fish in bread haha!

I am slightly concerned about my birthday coming up in a couple of weeks time...me and my mum are going to London for the day to watch Phantom, and then out for a chinese, she is also on cambridge, and we agreed that we would have a total day off as a reward, my only worry, is that I will struggle to get back to it. How do you all cope with occasions that you decide to eat for?

I know it would be easier to avoid food, but we have been estranged for many years and really wanted to celebrate it properly, so we would be dissapointed if we couldn't go to China town like we used to when I was little and she would take me there for Dim Sum.

Right now, I could order takeout just typing about food. Argh. HELP!
When i origionally did the diet and I lost 5.5 stone in 4.5 months and I had several functions which I knew about in advance and was worried they'd knock me off the wagon.

What I did was really enjoy it (I found I didn't each half as much as I once would of stopping eating as soon a I felt full)and then literally the next day straight back on cd and drink loads and loads of water and you'll get back into ketosis quickly. Its when you get up the next day and think oh well I blew it yesterday pass the croissants it all goes wrong! I know people say have a low carb meal but that's not always possible. If you're straight in your mind about it you'll be fine.

Hope that helps!;)
Thanks for that, I hope I have enough willpower to be able to get straight back on it!! I am a little scared!

Thinking back to those skinny jeans...I was in River Island today, and they had the thinnest jeans I think I have ever seen. I held them up against me, and it really REALLY made me want to stick to CD. If i manange to get ot a size 12 from where i am now I will be over the blimmin moon...maybe people should buy tickets for that day, cos I honestly think I will...haha!
OOh I just found the Iphone App...Brilliant motivation!! Wonderful idea! xx
I always post off the iPhone app!!! It's a bit glitchy sometimes but it's good for on the go if you're struggling.

Going shopping always spurs me on. I want EVERYTHING!!! I have already warned my boyfriend that I will shop 100x more than I already do (which is an awful lot) when I am slim and he will have to build me a walk in wardrobe ;)
Well well. Day 7 is here finally!!

Can I do a little dance for sticking to it 100% for a week? :D

I have been craving food. I don't want to lapse, because im not hungry!!

My hubby is on day Two, he is struggling with the hunger, so i ran him a bath and made him a shake in a tall glass with ice, and now he feels SO much better. Im so happy we have each other for support. I would find it impossible to cook for him every single evening..cooking for the girls is bad enough..

I have had 2 choc mint shakes and a veg soup, and inside I feel in a really happy place...

Shall I watch masterchef? Is that stupid? Haha!!
All the best on your weight loss journey - sounds like your head is in the right place. Brill loss for you mum too - I am watching Master chef...haha

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