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Temptation is awful when it gets the better of you hun! Try not to be too down...

Pick yourself up and start again hun.

If you are finding SS+ more tempting why not go back to SS and see how you do??



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Change that :( to ;)

Its all a trial and error see what works for you. Its just a wee blip in the scheme of things . Just block it put it down to experience and give it your best this week and see that weight drop off.

You have the abiity to choose how you deal with this, you are actually in control and the driving seat. Its all in the the mind and how your brain decides to react to this will affect how you deal with this little blip.​


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It WILL happen now and then. This diet is so restrictive and our bodies do try to trick us all the time LOL - survival mechanism.
Don't beat yourself up sweetie. Draw the line and move on!!!
It's all about getting back on track asap rather than trying to analyse why.
Good luck for Monday xxx


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Like said, don't beat yourself up. Draw a line under it and start again. It won't affect your weight loss too much.

Also what I find useful when I REALLY want to eat something is stop before I do so and write down how I'm feeling at that moment and why I want to eat it and how eating will affect me. It helps me to stop reaching for the biscuit tin.