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14 Stone??

I just wondered if any one started at around 14 stone who has been doing CD for a while, im trying to roughly work out what i could loose before my holiday, Oh and im 5ft 7. I know everyones weight lose is different but i just want a guide.

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Keeley can i just ask how much water you drink a day to get such good weight lose most weeks.


Skinny minny to be!!
My friend stated on 14.5stone. Shes 5ft 2 so she would have looked heavier than yourself.

Shed on week 9 or 10 now and shes down to 11st 13lbs / 12st she drank 4-5ltrs of water a day excluding water added in meals. You should get the water flavouring... makes it easier to drink the water if your not much of a drinker already

You could expect to loose up to 7lbs in your first week. Some folks loose more. then anything between 1.5 - 3lbs per wk after your initial wk.

It really depends on your own body... if your already on a carb free or low card diet and drinking loads of water before starting cambridge then your losses will prob be 7lbs wk1 and 3lbs wkly after. if you went straight from bad eating habits you'll probably see dramatic weight losses in the first few wks.

Your almost gauranteed to lose a min of 1 stone per mth thereabouts

When are you on hols??
yeah like jelly bellys friend i am also 5,2 so had more to lose than you will need to!

Im weighing tomorrow morning (wk 11) but last weeks weigh in was 11,0 exactly. I am hoping to be 10,10 tomorrow... fingers crossed!!!!

I used to drink 4-5 litres religiously and now get to 2.5 minimum, sometimes 3. The novelty def wears off lol...

I reckon this is why my losses are getting smaller each week, plus the fact i am nearer to goal of course.

How long til your hol? Have you set a goal?

Good luck and if you stick to it there is no reason why you wont get good losses (i am good 98% of the time...)



Skinny minny to be!!
Im weighing tomorrow morning (wk 11) but last weeks weigh in was 11,0 exactly. I am hoping to be 10,10 tomorrow... fingers crossed!!!!
OMG cambridge*diet*08 your weight loss is amazing!!!! :eek:
hi and thanks JB... well i have been moaning about it slowing down actually...ggrrr!

i want to keep going for as long as i can 'cos each week on SS gets tougher and tougher.
i will 'hopefully' continue to SS until i am BMI 25, so another stone, then move to Atkins so i can EAT!!!!

the need to eat gets stronger and stronger with each weigh in!!!
i am going for it full throttle and really avoiding giving in for as long as is possible, i know this feeling wont last forever :-(

it really is important to keep going as long as poss without giving in to temptation 'cos as soon as you give in it will be soooo much harder to get back into ss'ing!!!!

good luck ladies xxxx


Silver Member
i was 14,2
and im on my second day
roll on weigh day :D

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