15 wks to lose 3.5 stones for my wedding 20/04 ?

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  1. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    So ... I kick started my diet again from midnight New Years Day 2014! ?

    It's the year of my wedding ? and this is my final chance to lose the extra weight Iv been carrying around in time for my big day and honeymoon! ? Yay!

    As long as I can remember Iv been on diet after diet and to date Iv got no where, in fact over that time Iv only managed to get bigger. Iv had enough of being miserable, self conscience and hating the way I look! So Iv decided I am going to take my last chance and do the Cambridge Diet to succeed to my goal weight!??

    So anyway I started on 01.01.14 weighing in at 12s 11lbs.....I'm now on day 4 and today I weighed in at 12s 2lbs!?? total loss of 9lbs already! Woo hoo!

    I'm not goin to lie every day so far has been very difficult staying 100% but Iv managed to over come temptation and I'm so determined, in fact more so this time than I have ever felt! The loss has just motivated me to keep going!

    My consultant isn't able to see me until 07/01 but I had some products left over from Exante which I tried a few months ago so I started off on that until my appointment. So my weigh in on tues will be my 1st full week and I can't wait to see my loss!

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  3. trimtracey

    trimtracey Full Member

    Well done you! Ive never done Cambridge but what a start. X

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  4. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    Omg! 8.15 pm day 4 .. Iv had all my products but I fancy fooood!!!

    I'm not even hungry but my mind is tellin me I want it ... Arrrgh!!!

  5. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    On day 5! Yay!

    not had my first shake yet.. Thought if stretch it out as long as I can...

    on positive side another lb off!!! Woo hoo!

    10 down 36 to go! :)
  6. MissD47

    MissD47 Member

    You go girl, your doing so well. Never tried this diet. Good luck :)

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