16 stone - very fed up but determined


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Hi Angela

I am almost exactly where you are - I'm 30, 5'6 and started LL at 16'8. As of today I am 14'12 and it's not even four weeks yet.

If you really, really want to lose weight, CD and LL are the diet to do. You do need absolute willpower though and a real commitment to losing the weight, permanently - the no drinking thing has been a nightmare for me but so far, so good!

You can find me on hotmail.com with my screen name here if you need support on MSM - be great to have a diet buddy!

Good luck!



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Starting one of these will be the best thing you ever did!!! I started 7 weeks ago at 15 5 (I'm 5 8) and as of today I am 12 8 (delighted with myself) ... it is hard for the first week, but so rewarding when you get on the scales!!

You need to be committed to this diet as any cheating will result in finding it really hard to get back on track!!!

You can do this .. if I can anyone can!! I've tried all other diets going and have found the Cambridge diet the most effective with the quickest results!!

Good luck with whichever you decide to do!!!


you know what you have to do - you just need the determination to go out & do it.
this time last year i was in the same position - by June I was "SLIM" and I can honestly say it was the best Summer ever!
Good luck with how you decide to lose the weight - I chose lighter life but all Very Low Calorie Diets [VLCD] mentioned on here really work!


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hi angela....i started 10days ago and i lost 18.5lbs..

and i thought it was the end of the world..i just couldn't start any kind of diet...

however, LL (or CD) is a very very very good diet - and not only do you lose weight, but you get so much support from your group and here too..

please do not lose faith - all you need is sheer determination. im addicted to food, i love it..but enough is enough, i guess.

i wish you lots of luck of choosing the right diet for you and of course for a new journey in losing weight...


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Hi Angela

I've been on a vlcd (started Lighter life, now on cambridge) nearly 3 weeks ago and I've lost 23lbs and feeling great! (got a long way to go though)

SO my advice would be when you've chosen your diet, get ready, and get started. You'll here a lot on here that the first week is the hardest (especially with the vlcd) and it is, but this forum will offer you no end of support and advice and soon you'll be sailing to a thinner happier you!!

best of luck with whatever you decide!! xx


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Hi Angela

I can only echo what everyone on here has said already. I do LL and it is working really well for me, sure you get difficult moments but overall it has been the easiest diet to follwo as there is no food involved at all it takes away the "thinking" and the temptations.

I do think the first few weeks are the hardest though and as you are getting to recognise your emotional hunger as opposed to the physical hunger and the triggers that lead you to overeat, but this does get easier over time. I have been on LL for approx 6 weeks now (losing count of the weeks it is going by so fast) and I have lost 32lbs - I am thrilled and it is a real motivator to see the lbs coming off each week.

I wish you all the best for whatver you decide to do, one thng for sure is the support you will get from minimins is second to none - I culd not have got this far without some of the wonderful people on here who are so inspirations and supportive, it really is like being part of a big family.

Keep us updated on your progress.



Hiya Angela you are not with yourself on this weight battle I too have a long journey too so lets not think of how long It is going to take us .Just think when the 1st stone is gone what It will be like and then when lose the 2nd stone and so on It will be worth It in the end I keep telling myself
I dont like this fat my health Is suffering with It too which gets me down

Take Care


can do it this time!
hi Angela
absolutely agree with what everyone else has said - do it!!

have only been on prog just under 4 weeks but this site is so fantastic its kept me going - as has the weekly class / counselling.

you got a group near you?|


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Thanks guys - Thing is I just dont know how to get started. Ive read all about CD and LL and feel they are prob the best way to go but unsure how to start and unsure of the weekly cost of all the meals etc. Any ideas?


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hi Angela.

re. LL log on www.lighterlife.co.uk and you can find your local councellor/group meetings.

LL costs £66 a week with councelling and food packs.
it is expensive but the councelling is great.

good luck


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Thanks guys - Thing is I just dont know how to get started. Ive read all about CD and LL and feel they are prob the best way to go but unsure how to start and unsure of the weekly cost of all the meals etc. Any ideas?

Hi Angela - and welcome to Minimins :D

This site is fab....you'll get loadsa support and answers to any questions you may have.....no matter how daft you might think they are.....please shout if you need anything...

CD is about half the cost of LL - around £33 per week if you're on 3 packs per day...and a bit more if you're on 4 per day (Men & ladies who are 5' 8" or taller need 4)....

I would defo say go for it if you can afford to....it has certainly turned my life around.....it is hard but the results on the scales make it so worth it !

let us know what you decide to do....and good luck :)