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17 points


is gonna shine in 2009
i'm not but i would make no point mushroom curry and no point veg soup and some sugar free jelly for zero points too x
Hi I did fast start in week one and tomorrow on 18 points heres sort of what I have

1 weetabix 1 point
1 small banana 1 point
skimmed milk 1 point
cup of green tea ,splash milk

ww can of chicken leek soup 1 point
slice wholemeal bread 1 point
pack of quaver type crisps shop brand 1 point
cup of green tea,splash milk

chicken breast sliced thin 2 points worth
peppers, red onions,loads of mshrooms.carrots,fried in a little lf spray
1/2 jar ww tikka masala sauce 1.5 points
wholemeal rice 3 points

sugarfree jelly 0 points
apple & grapes 1 point
cup of green tea.splash of milk

Milk for tea 1 point

3.5 points save or have a snack by 10pm

Today I had

30 grams of Bran flakes 1.5
Raspberries 0.5
Skimmed milk 0.5

Pitta with Delhui blue cheese 2.5
Pitta with roasted veg 2

Steak 4.5
Salad 0
Dressing 0


Chocolate 2
Pint of lager 2
Hot choc 0.5

6 points
hey hun i'm on 18 points a day but not very adventurous i tend to eat the same things alot. I eat loads of prepacked stir frys made with fry light or soy sauce no points and you can add chicken,prawns etc or chilli sauce. Also baked potatoes are low or pasta and chicken breast are low and go with anything. I basically bulk up most meals with free veg. Also i only buy skimmed milk slightly lower points. Today i'm having

Breakfast- oast so simple with 1/4pint skimmed milk 2pts, banana 1.5pts
Lunch - 2xnimble bread 1.5pts, LF cheese triangle 0.5pts, 2xwafer thin ham 0.5pts and salad 0pts, chicken noodle cuppa soup 0.5pts
Dinner - 1/2 pasta and sauce packet 3pts with extra tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers 0pts, quorn mince 2pts.
Supper - banana 1.5pts on nimble toast 1.5pts
so 14.5pts/18pts so far today and loads of food! lol


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I'm on 17 points too.
For breakfast i usually have:
50 g of coco pops with skimmed milk 3.5 points or
Pawrige porridge with skimmed milk 2 points ( both as filling as each other )

Lunch: Pitta bread toasted 2 points
Philadelphia cheese 1 point
Turkey ham 0.5
salad 0

Dinner: what ever i fancy for the points i have left over.
I love having the tesco light choice sauages 2.5 points for 2 with some yorkshire puds 1 point for 2 ( asda own ones ) lots of free Veg 0 and gravy 0.5 and leaves me with enough points for snacks if i fancy any during the day :)

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