17lb in first week!!! on cd

Wow well done girl that is amazing,keep up the good work !!
I am speechless!!!! :eek:

A huge well done to you louisa .... you must be absolutely over the moon :D

Keep up the fab work and just watch those numbers drop!!
:eek: Wow! Well done Louisa.. see, you thought you had 'failed' on day 2 - but you perserveered, and have had an amazing loss, see, if you beleive you can do it you will! Im so happy for you! keep up the good work :D
Well done Louisa, That's absolutely amazing.

I am so pleased for you. Keep it up girl YOU CAN DO IT!!!
Well done Louisa,
that'll def spur you on for next week :D

so did I win the bet as to how much you would loose lol - think I said 17 hahahaha not really I said 13 :p

Stay strong girlie:)
fan bloomin tastic, I bet you are so proud, keep up the fab work, look forward to your next post x
As any self respecting Yorkshire Lass would say......

BLOODY NORA!!!!!!.....:eek: :eek: :eek:

Louisa.....you are a star....:D

What an incredible start, so inspiring to me and everyone else.

after trying to go one day today and finding it as hard as i did, the fact you lost that much and stuck to it for a week is true motivation. As Isis said - you are a star!