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1lb, 1 measley little pound.

I'm not impressed :(
I dont understand it at all. The only thing I did differently was less exercise and ate that one portion of fried rice.

I am pleased I reached my first goal of 6lb off tho, thats a positive. :eek:

Im just starting to worry about doing this now whilst im in recovery from the op next week. I cant exercise for 4 weeks....Exercise is obviously playing a big part in the pounds dropping off.
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I have done little to no exercise for 5 weeks.. Due to heel injury.. Still dropping but slowly.. Seem to drop every 2 weeks by 600-800g but keeping my water intake at about 3l a day is working wonders too .. I think I would have lost more if I stuck to my cal level better (1500 cals)

In 5 weeks have had TOTM, 2 birthday dinners out.. Plus other lapses..

So I am sure you will still loose, just a bit more slowly :)
It will happen the more you stress the harder it will be

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Thanks Ladies, i'm happy that Ive lost I really am, just frustrated at it being a little loss compared to the first week even though I've tried hard to stay on track with it all.
Onwards and Downwards :)


Violet is shrinking
The first week you always loose more. Xenical will you give you losses on average of 1-2.5lbs per week, but not every week, some weeks you'll STS or gain.

A lot of things factor into weight loss, not just cals, fat and carbs, but water, hormones, exercise, muscle even the climate can affect the body.

Also with exericse you'll change shape and sometimes not loose but gain too, it's a good idea that you take measurements now, so if the scales don't delight you the cm's coming off will :)
Time to roll out my favourite mantra.

"'Just' 1lb a week is 3.5 stone a year"

In fact I post it so often I should make it my sig!
Thanks ladies for your supportive posts, feeling a little better today, forgot to take 2 tablets yesterday but didnt have a major amount of fat anyway something like 16g for the whole day. Have some housework to get done today so that should burn a few calories! :)
I'm glad you are feeling better too!

I'm in for a low weightloss week too I think as I haven't stuck to SW very well this week or done enough excercise! However have had an insanely busy day today rushing about like a madwoman. In fact my husband asked me if I was on speed the cheeky so'n'so! I am going swimming then to baby group with the little lady in my avatar tomorrow before weigh in so hopefully I might get a last minute loss ;)
Awww have a lovely time swimming your lovely little lady :) and good luck for WI x

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