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  1. Pheonix-Rising

    Pheonix-Rising Full Member

    I have just spent an amazing 2 hours with my counsellor, and she spoke the most truth anyone has spoken to me in years!

    She is a committed Cambridge consultant and also a nutritionist. We ran through every detail of the cambridge diet but she also spoke alot about nutritional things to do with body types. Just from listening to my story she could tell whether I was a protein type or carb type of body (she said probably a protein). She measured my BMI and also my ashwell shape (all new to me!). We talked loads about 'after the diet' and which foods would make me eat like mad and which would fuel me correctly (ie whether i was a protein or carb person).

    She really took the time to explain how a body type reacts the fuel (type) we eat, it makes perfect sense and I can see how my lust for carbs is actually poisoning me and therefore im gaining weight, have no energy etc etc.

    So, I had to do a wee sample and it showed slight ketosis (dark pink). She basically said either I was going into ketosis (I didnt eat carbs yesterday) or I am bordering on diabetes :eek: which coupled with my ashwell shape (take action) is a good indicator I am a prime target for diabetes. But she was not worried as she was confident that would turn around in a few weeks.

    So, all in all she totally opened my eyes and made me think of the health side of things also. I havent felt hungry today at all (which reinforces the ketosis theory) so i'm hoping it is that and not that I am actually bordering on diabetes.

    She also gave me a chocolate mousse to try that she had made earlier...it was fab! I'm gonna need to keep that one away from the kids lol.

    I feel great right now! :D
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  3. Zoe.D

    Zoe.D loving life

    Wow she sounds great, does she charge any extra for that? And the choc mousse sample was a nice thing to do for a newbie. Sounds like you have found a great cdc there hun, hang onto her. Good luck with the start of your journey and heres to the beginning of a new you. Have a good 1st week xx.
  4. Pheonix-Rising

    Pheonix-Rising Full Member

    Thankyou Zoe :) No she doesnt charge any extra, subsequent appointments wont be so long, but she has told me that the help she can give will be invaluable during the maintenance and that she will let me know what meal recipes will be beneficial to my body type. She was eating the wrong types of foods (carbs when she was protein) for years and this made her physically ill. She lost 7 stone on cambridge and changed her eating ways (I guess when she had qualified as a nutritionist) and her health problems went away! I never really thought of food in that way, just used to shove it in when I was hungry lol. This is going to change my life! xx
  5. mrsessex

    mrsessex Gold Member

    Awwww thats so good aint it!!!

    Im so pleased you've found a great CDC as there are so many duff ones around!!!!

    She sounds great and you sound over the moon

  6. NumNums

    NumNums Becca

    Wow she sounds amazing. Glad you had a good first appointment. I hope your body sorts it's self out on CD and no more scary signs!
  7. mich1010

    mich1010 Full Member

    So pleased for you Phonenix, she sounds great and you sound really positive about it too which is half the battle won i guess.

    Good luck on the start of your journey xx

    I shall be seeing my CDC on Monday so hope we can help each other.

    Well done xx :D
  8. Pheonix-Rising

    Pheonix-Rising Full Member

    thanks everyone...its a fab feeling isnt it :) And almost as fab as my first shake of the day...yummy vanilla!! xx
  9. NumNums

    NumNums Becca

    I wish I had your guts to put a youtube vid up. You look rested and nice skin and hair. I just look like a dead zombie... all the time lol.
  10. louisa83

    louisa83 Full Member

    Good luck on your weight loss journey. I'll be looking out for your you tube videos hun x
  11. Pheonix-Rising

    Pheonix-Rising Full Member

    hehe Becca, it was a now or never thing, im normally really quite a private person and thought oh sod it! The more people subscribe the more I am not going to be able to it give up, thats the method in my madness. Course I have told myself none of my exe's will be searching 'cambridge diet' so I reckon i'm safe from that!

    Thanks Louisa, just reading the posts on here has given me so much confidence its fab :) xx
  12. Blingbabe

    Blingbabe Back On Track!

    What a great sounding CD counsellor, I am sure that this will really help you with dieting and maintenance.

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