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1st day....(again)!


It was my first day today on the strawberry shakes, 2nd time on the diet, my first go I lost 3 stone and ended when I thought I had lost enough. In last 2 1/2 years have put stone back on & am now going for it - ideal weight etc etc.

Im 5'11 & hoping for 11 stone, realistically I would be ecstatic at 11.7. I didnt use a forum like this before & really wished I had, there is so much encouragement & help available - Lipotrim is hard going sometimes & you need a bit of a kick when cravings are there, although I know these will ease with time.

I work shifts so cant get weighed weekly so my first weigh in will be after 12 days, so fingers crossed.

Being a forum member is such a positive experience I love it! People at work are alllllwayssss going on & on about diets, so have decided not to tell anyone, which is what I did before - just easier as its a big place.

Anyway, hopefully havent wittered on too much & will post soon.

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Good luck with your second LT journey there are a few of us in exactly the same position, I am on day 4 and want to get off 26lbs, 1 stone gained and the rest to get to my original target which I never reached.
Welcome Clare and good luck this time round.



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You are not alone. 'Tis my 2nd LT journey and I have 18lb to go...... heres everything crossed!! LOL
Hi Clare and welcome!

You had great success first time so you know what it takes to do it again. And you CAN do it.

you can find loads of tips and fab support on this forum, i'm so glad you found it - i've found it invaluable during my time on LT :)

best of luck for weigh in 1!
its hard but you have shown me its worth it 3 stone is no mean feat good luck with it this time
debz x


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Well done the first time, and for keeping most of it off, less to do this time so success will be soon.

Its good to hear (from my point of view). people who have succeeded in the past coming back for a top up. We all fluctuate and have issues, if not we would not be here. But it proves that you feel its a good way to go.



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Welcome and enjoy the journey! Good luck!
welcome back the second time round.

youll get amazing support on here

so all the best of luck i have every faith in you :D


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Welcome and good luck! Keeping most of the weight off from first time round is good, so at least you are nipping it in the bud and going for more! Good on you!

I think the forum will help enormously as you have likeminded people (esp with not telling anyone at work)! At least if you are finding things tough, you know where to come.

Have a great week and I am sure you will see the 36lb go quickly.

Take care
Many thanks to you all for kind words - now at the end of day 2 - bad breath is back & im on my way to ketosis yay - not really sure what will happen as each weigh in is a bit random due to working shifts, I would like to lose 18lbs each month if I can. I not sure though how much you manage to get off at the end if you are near to idea weight as I obviously dont have s much to lose - will this make it slower to reach goal set do you think?

I cant wait - I know it works so I am really excited to having my figure back to what it should be & things like BMI, blood pressure will all be in healthy zone.

I didnt do refeed or maintenance last time, and have never ever denied myself anything to eat or drink in the last 2 1/2 yrs. I have put a stone back on out of 3 I lost, which I think is not bad. The issues with me is exercise, as I sit down at work all day & I hate the gym..... So have decided to go for the Cycle to work scheme, as I need to tone up.
I think that its important the older you get as well to do some form of exercise, get the metabolism going to try & keep weight off.
I dont think I will refeed/maintain, but will review this nearer end date.

I have started to cross out my days on LT as encouragement for myself, through early days of tummy rumbling & bad breath ha!

Im so rubbish at computers Im really not sure whether I will be able to get ticker to work after first weigh in 1o days time, probably just write it on.

Hope everyone is well & talk soon xxx


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wish you all the best and good luck:)


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Good luck. I have my first weigh in on Wednesday. Can't come quick enough!

Its the first diet that I can see the results after a few days!!
Hi claire 1 uk, you will be just great you know exactly what is coming with LT and that is half the battle, I think you have made a good decision not telling all at work as they will monitor you and that is a pressure nobody needs. Just enjoy the comments as they start flooding in :}
welcome back hun there brilliant support on here and someone is on at most times of the keep focused & youll be at goal in no time xx

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