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1st day and quit!! HELPPPPPPPP!!!!!

Crikey! It's sounds like something you ate yesterday or the weekend! If anything it'll give you the opposite of the runs! Talk to your pharmacist hun - they'll give you all the medical advice when it comes to LT.

Feeling rubbish can be fended off by making sure your water intake is high - up to 4 litres - and do it because it does work.

Please don't give up - have a look at other people's progress and see how far they have come. Keep going - it is worth it xxx


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I know it's very very hard but the symptoms I found was a bit like a very mild flu. I did get the runs but as other lady said it is usually the opposite. Drink the water and take a couple of paracetamol id you get head ache and I'm sure you will be fine it only lasts a couple of days. good luck if you try again.
hi hun
I'm quite new too... not finished my first week yet. But I'm a very similar weight to you (think there's about a pound in it), I have the same goal weight as you and I'm from Sheffield :D so we have loads in common jst wiv that.
Don't give up. It was so hard for the 1st 3-4 days for me but now I'm completely fine. Like they said above, drink loads of water!! :)
Hope ur ok. xxx
Im on day 12 and never thought i would get here! the first 3 days were the worst, i took plenty of paracetomol and water and it got me through, drink lots and lots of water- but as the others say it dosent sound like the lipotrim did this? i started on the strawberry shakes and they made me feel queasy, i changed to the choc ones and found them lot better, keep it up!
Poor you! I agree, it's sounds like a bug. I am only on day 2 and although I feel awful I haven't had your symptoms. I just seem vacant and tired, plus VERY grumpy. hee hee!
Come on Hun, there's a few of us just starting this week, we'll do it together! xxxxxxxxx

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