1st day completed for me too!


Well yesterday was my first complete day.
I have to say i did not find it too bad at all.....i was a bit worried as i have been reading that some of the shakes are quite sickly but i actually didn't mind them at all. The chicken and mushroom soup was ok.

Was awoken at 5am with a headache so i took some paracetomal and went back to bed. Still got a headache but i think i can live with that for a couple of days.

How long did it take everyone to get in ketosis? Or does it differ?
Hello Pickle
Well Done :)
Your off to a flying start.I got to Ketosis on day 3 when I did Cd but like you said people are differant it can happen days 2 -5 I think.
Im on day 1 of SSing with LL so im just behind you.
Good luck you'll soon be in the pink ;)
I'm glad it's going well so far for you. I love most of the shakes and soups too. Drinking plenty of water should help your headaches. I used ketostix to test when I got back into ketosis after a holiday and it was the 4th morning which is what they say. Others though I have noticed sometimes manage it a lot quicker. As long as you are coping and enjoying the shakes don't worry about it just look forward to the weightloss at your first weigh in. Dizzy x
Hi Pickle, well done for getting through your first day.
I went into ketosis on day 2, and only knew by doing a ketosix (from the chemists).I felt quite rough and headachy for the first 4 days, but this is your body detoxing.
Hope you perk up soon !
Well done on getting through you first day, i am now on day 2 of ssing, this is about my 3rd attempt to get back into it and have to say it just dosen't get any easier. I have been following VLCD since april 20th and have so far lost nearly 6 st so the results are well worth it. If i was you i would try not to focus too much on when you are in ketosis and just take each day as i comes, you will go into ketosis at some point in the first week so deffo after that first week it gets alittle easier but just hang on in there and keep at it, we all know you can do it!!!!!!

Lots of love
Busy X
Well done on choosing to SS and getting through the first couple of days.
Agree with Busy about taking it one day at a time. I got into ketosis by day 3 but found it tough for the first couple of weeks.
keep drinking, keep posting and look forward to weighing in - it'll all be worth it!!!