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1st day doubts

Hi sparkle,

We were all there .. thinking OMG I am not going to eat a single thing that is so hard and what if it doesn't work!

If you are 100% it works, I have stuck to the plan, drank my water, took my shakes and been good as gold for 15days no food and I am happy to be 17lbs lighter!

And it gets easier each day .. You WILL lose and feel so excited!

Some days in the 1st week were hard but keep busy and go to bed early if you have to the 1st few night and the reward will be spool worth it!

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Hi Sparkle

Its my first day too and thinking the same, i did make myself lol with a mental image of me rolling around the floor trying to bite open a can of beans :)
Hello! I just wanted to say good luck and I can honestly say if you stick to this 100% then you will loose weight and there's no doubt about that. You can do this you just have to be really strong and honestly it will work :)

Good luck and I can't wait to hear hoe you get on!

Agree with above, once you've seen your 1st week loss you will be amazed!
Thanx guys. Everyone is so supportive.

I am convinced this has 2 work cause why wouldn't it if you stick 2 it 100%. I am excited bout my 1st weigh in & I have just started. Lol!

I am kind of also thinking about stretch marks & saggy skin. I have been reading that bio oil is good. In regards 2 the saggy skin I am hoping the gym plus sit ups will help.

Start weight 12st 11
Goal less than 9
Height 5foot 1


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Hi Sparkle100 and welcome!

you will be amazed come your first weigh in, honestly, every week you will be buzzing after your visit to the pharmacy. i spend every thursday (my weigh in day) singing to myself and smiling. everyone in work thinks i got lucky the night before! hahaha!
The first few days were tough but at this stage (6 weeks in and over 2 stone lighter) i actually look forward to my shakes and don't really want to eat anything else! i'm sure you'll be just the same!
best of luck! :)

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