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If you're not used to drinking large amounts of liquid then it's to be expected really, i remember from the last time i was pretty much ok but today (re-start day) it's been every hour/hour and half maybe! It should settle as your body gets used to it :) xxxxxx


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I think i'm gonna need Tena lady on this diet this time, the cold doesn't help lol but aye its about normal, drinking warm drinks stops it a little :D


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For some reason Im better at work but at home, yes Im in the loo every 60-90mins.... can go a whole 3-4hours at work!


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I went more than usual for the first week or two, but I'm back to normal now, even though I drink at least 4l of water a day. I know in the first week or so you're losing water so that might explain it. Once you're into ketosis properly you'll be losing fat !!!



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yep i lucky it right beside me in office, :) glad u got tru day 1 ok ;)


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I'm exactly the same running every hour to the loo. hoping it'll settle soon :D


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I could buy shares in Andrex right now lol!


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Yep, that sounds about right every 45/60 minutes and roll on ketosis I have been counting the minutes to have my second shake (and am still dreading the headache stage which for me will probably be tomorrow or Friday) so I will have to keep drinking LOADS OF WATER to avoid them.

Well done for day 2, it will soon be week 2.


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Yup!!! its normal!! lol

My manager came and asked me if i was ok today because I kept running out to the loo... I Think she maybe thought I was preggers and going to be sick!! lol

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i think your all lucky ha ha today is my second day and i been lucky if i lasted 30 min between toilet breaks one good thing i also increased amount of exercise as i must have been up and down stairs 30 times