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1st day - I've re started LT!

First Day

I started today too, I get married on 9th April next year:love047: and I just need to get my weight in control, I am fed up of it controling my life!:cry: I too hope I have done the right thing but I am sure I have!!
Had the strawberry at breakfast, chocoloate at lunch and I am going to try the chicken soup later though my aunt who is also on LT at the minute has said its terrible!
Congratulations on your forth coming wedding!

I've tried the soup before, its not too bad, I add a drop of hot pepper sauce to it, so it goes down a bit better (not sure if i'm allowed to do that though)!

Good luck for your 1st week. :eek:)
thanks blessedgirl, my pharmacist was really hammering it into me to not add anything, so hopefully i can stomach it later! If not I will change them to something else next time!
Good Luck you two!!!! Anything is possible - just keep telling youself that you deserve it and that you're a strong person and the lbs fall off ;) I'm down a stone in a fortnight so the results speak for themselves!
Thanks sillysnacker, I cant wait to it starts falling off!! I am hoping to get good results this week to spur me on!



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welcome both and good luck xxxx


Sensibly losing :)
Welcome to both of you and I wish you all of the luck in the world! Its what you make of it! :) hang in there :) x
Thanks everyone for your well wishes!
@abouttime, i'll have to try and resist not to add anything to enhancs, i don't want to do anything i'm not suppose to!
@sillysnacker, the only thing keeping me going is knowing that I have to get weighed on saturday!
Thanks Sigourney and bye-bigun, i'm trying not to think about how many stones I need to lose, but more in terms of how my clothes fit me (smaller dress size) and how I look in my clothes, if that makes sense. If I think about all the stones that I need to shift (more than 4 st), I think it'll make it harder for me!
Hi mandym0!

Well done for deciding to do lipotrim! You'll get loads of help & support on this site! Do take a look at the lipotrim website (www.lipotrim.co.uk). It'll explain it alot better than I can!

All I do know is that Lipotrim is a pharmacy based programme, you buy the meal replacement sachets from the pharmacy and it is run by the pharmacist. It's not available for over the counter sale or mail order.

Hope that helps!
Good luck :eek:)

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