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1st day of refeed


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Hello Everyone a new chapter begins, I had my weigh in today, lost 2lbs. It was a hard week, totm on its way but I'm determined to stay slim. Refeed starts today, excited and nervous at the same time. For my first meal I will be having skinless chicken with a small bowl of salad. (cant wait)

Its been an interesting journey to get here, at times joy, anger, fear all at the same time. This forum has been the best thing ever. Thanks to you guys with all your encouragements I've made it this far and of course Lipotrim. GO LIPOTRIM!!!!:party0011:
I'll let you know how I get on with dinner.;)
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Aww well done and good luck hun, your dinner sounds lovely mmm..enjoy xxx


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Thanks Tracey and Good luck with your weigh in this afternoon. I can wait for dinner!!!


weighs a lot less
well done on nearly completing your LT journey you better hadnt leave us though.I hope you enjoy your lunch a little lemon and black pepper is lush on the chicken and im a huge fan of balsamic vinegar on the lettuce its strange but the food tastes completly different ive noticed the flavours a lot more xx


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Hi Lillie, leave you? no way this forum is what motivates me, I will be in touch everyday in fact.:D


weighs a lot less
have you had your lunch yet day 4 for me so i had prawns they are the nicest things ive had so far sorry if your reading this and not on the refeed but ill be back on the LT after my holiday so you can all wind me up then xx


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Hi Sola,

Best of luck with your refeed and I am looking forward to see how it goes.

Very important part of this diet.

Love Mini xxx


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Prawns are not remotely tempting me Lil lol xxx


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They never used to be to me either, but am now thinking I'd like to try a prawn stirfry!!X
But think they would have to be the fat ones and they would deffo have to be cooked, couldnt enterain a little tiny cold one!X
Eeeeww im going to have to be so brave and try all these things, ive honestly never tried prawns! So fussy xx


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sounds good to me too and when im not on LT, ive been vegan for 3 years lol

h xx
I've never eaten a prawn ever ever before either!! But sem to be fancying loads of dif things now!! Hee hee! I'm gonna do prawn skewers for this bbq am gonna have in the summer!! I'l make a big fat juicy one for you tracey!! xx
R Trace will 'love a big fat juicy one'!;) x
lol damn right!! Def not a prawn though, BBq is still on though pineapple xxx


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Your so lucky your refeeding, im only on day two :(
wa alrite this morning now im feeling a bit crappy:mad:
Lady lipo - come on hun, you know you'll be feeling better in a few days! Think how excited you were this morning and think about burning those ugly greay joggig bottoms!!X


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Im not giving up NO WAY NOT A HOPE IN HELL
im just really tired after walking to town! Just had my second shake made it n the blender and there was two pints of the stuff lol my bellys so full now :p think ineed a nap

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