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1st Day on CD

I'm nearly at the end of my first day and have resisted all temptations!

I worked today so had a choc ready made drink for brekkie and lunch. However tonight I had a soup and I have got to say I've never tasted anything like in my life. I just couldnt force it all down, so only had half of it. Unfortunately I've got another 6 packets of the blooming stuff:eek:

I'm going to stock up on toilet roll tomorrow as I think I've been going every 20 mins on average! Every time I move, I need to go again. The girls at work suggested moving my desk into the lav. However I do work for a company that provide private care and although I'm in the offices, I think I might ask some of the carers if they can sort me out with a cafetter:)

Aside to all that I feel good and excited about transforming the old me.

Hope everyone else has had a good day too:)

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Hi Minilady. Well done on getting through Day 1 ... the first week is the hardest but usually the best weight loss, so well worth sticking with.

Which soup did you try? I have tried a few and like the chicken and mushroom & the veg one. Wasn't keen on broccoli & cheese but I guess it's all a matter of personal taste!!

Good luck and keep drinking (water that is!!)


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Hi Tracey,

Well we've both nearly made it.

Glad to see you have had a good day, I'm lucky... not in work till Tuesday so will hopefully be in Ketosis by then!!

I had a vanilla shake with coffee for breakfast, only had soup at 5ish (oriental chilli - was OK not fantastic though).. Got to have one more meal today... don't know what to have????

I've also drank about 5 litres of water so I know how you feel... what did you think of the tetra packs???

If you don't like the soup your CDC should be able to swop them for you...

Went shopping to Asda (only had one shake) and felt really light headed!! hopefully this will pass...

Hi Nikki!

Glad you had a good day too:)

I've not had the shakes, but am getting a bit of a headache.

I've got the choc tetra packs and I really liked them.

I think I'm gonna head off to the shower and then have an early night.

Speak to you soon
Hi ya,:)

You will be fine and like it has been mentioned you can change your flavours with your Counsellor. I have had alot of people recently not wanting the soups, interesting. Try the others and let us know how you get on . Keep it up as you will be so slim.:)

Nick :) :)
can I live just on Tetra packs?

Thanks Nick

Sorry rushed off last night to bed as felt a bit sick and had a headache.

Feel fine this morning, I just made up a cappucino shake and although its nicer than the soup, I'm still not that keen. I think I must be really fussy:eek:

Is it possible for the diet to work if I just drink the tetra packs?

Thanks for your help



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S: 16st10lb C: 16st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 40.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Tracey,

I am doing better by splitting my shakes in half and adding 200ml of water... so I am having 6 smaller shakes... Going to try the same with the soup..going to try the spicy tomato I thinks...

Hope you are OK...?

Hi Minilady. Well done on getting started and good luck with your weight loss.

I noticed that you hadn't had a good time with the soups. I just wanted to say. I was like that with my 1st pack of soup, but then I'd just used a hand whisk which didn't mix it properly. Now I use a hand blender and mix with 300 -400mls of hot water in a big bowl with some pepper. Now I love it. Vegetable is my favourite.I hate the shakes!! It's probably down to personal taste but I just thought it you experiment a bit with the consistancy and any added flavourings which are allowed it might help?

T x
Hi you will find your response to the soups will change over time - what you like / don't like this week - will taste strangly different in a few weeks time - and then different again in a few months.

Don't know if this is true for everyone or has something to do with excluding all other food but how you feel now won't be consistent.
Hi Minilady,

I know how you feel re: soups. I couldn't stand the soup for a whole week. Spoke to my CDC and said I don't want them so now I'm on my second week and I'm just having the shakes and tetra packs.

Talk to your CD and they can swap them over.

Thank you everyone for your advice:)

I've phoned my cdc and she's popping round later to change the soups for me, and now I feel a lot happier!

Hi Nikki! Glad your having a good day.


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Hi there

I hate the soups too, they leave such a horrible after taste and they are pretty disgusting

Just completed 2 weeks and I am only going to have the shakes, I make the butterscotch one up with cold water drink half and then top it up with hot water and pretend it a lovely hot milky coffee ~ works for me

I dont think it matters which one you have as long as you stick to the diet

This is the best and worst diet I have ever been on cant wait to get some more weight off

16lb first week
7lb second week

Keep it up it gets easier
Hi Shaza

Thanks for your help and support:)

It's good to read about people who are further on with their diet, it gives great encouragement to keep going.

I'm on day 3 now and feel ok so far. I got a bit hungry last night, but didnt give in.
I've got a large family to cook for, so that makes it difficult...shame I cant get them all ssing!

Well done for doing so well in your first 2 weeks:)



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Hi Tracy,

Poor you with a big family to cook for ~ thats very hard whilst you are on this diet and with young kids no sooner have you finished the washing up someone pipes up that they are hungry again

My kids have left home and my husband is making it very easy for me by fending for hiself on the food scene ~ he is even doing the Asda bit so it a bit easier for me

Have cooked a few meals now and yesterday I nearly licked my finger when I served the lamb dinner ~ but resisted and washed my hands very quickly

Keep up the fabulous work it gets easier!!!!

(So they keep telling me)


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