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1st day on xenical

hi people it was my 1st day today on xenical :) im really excited and think this time i will reach my goal ive had a pair of jeans in my wardrobe im dying to get into (they used to fit me be4 i had my youngest 4yrs ago lol :( ) so here goes any tips would be great and any buddies who r also new and want a buddie im here thanks
p.s do eggs give u the dreaded side effects x x
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Go on smile! =)
I think eggs contain around 9g of fat per one. I don't eat eggs personally but im sure i have seen that around the forums before. Goodluck with your journey :p
Cheers guys i think ill stay clear of eggs then lol is it all fat that i have to make sure i eat less than 5g or just saturated fat im confused the doctor hasnt really given me any advice it was just like heres the perscription and go on their website but thats no use either i thought it would give a list of things that you might normally not be aware of being high in fat such as prawns i never knew that they were high in fat till my doctor told me !!
Prawns are not high in fat ! Tell your Dr he is not a nutritionalist lol Prawns have approx 1.7g fat per 100g hun.
On Xenical, the recommended guidelines are food should be no more than 5% fat ( that is 5g of TOTAL FAT CONTENT per 100g food product) and that your meals should contain no more than 15g of fat.
The best thing to do is get used to reading labels, yep makes shopping a long longer and time consuming, but its also a real eye opener in to what we put into our shopping baskets and ultimately into our mouths.
i take both into consideration such as :
Fat 1.2
Saturated 0.8

to me i'd include them both
:) .. yeah doctors aren't that good with the information!

Good tip for meals on the night.. WW Meals!

After a few weeks you will get that use to reading the packets it will become natural :)

Same here !

I also started xenical on wednesday,:rolleyes:
My doctor told me to start with one a day for two days then move onto two for two days then three ! So far I have had no side effects so i must be doing well ! (apart from wind which i had anyway)
Tonight however its going to be difficult, because we always have a kebab with chips every friday night along with some booze. For me it kind of confirms the end of the week,to seperate it. I cant stop thinking about it and have just had a fat free yoghurt which has done no good my thoughts of chips are winning.Maybe I should just go for it tonight and start again tommorow?:confused:



Go on smile! =)
No joha BE STRONG! Get to the shops, grab a nice WW curry few naans and enjoy your evening. 'start again tomorrow' yea we all know where this leads.
No joha BE STRONG! Get to the shops, grab a nice WW curry few naans and enjoy your evening. 'start again tomorrow' yea we all know where this leads.
ww,fresh meals including chicken tikka & sweet n sour along with lots more are only £1.27 in morrisons until 14th feb i,ve got loads as use by date is in march. choc desserts r 66p for 2. so handy tp prevent you eating something u mite regret!:D
hi guys
day 2 today and i think im doing ok i went to asda today to buy food and checked all the fat contents of things and i was surprised to see that prawns are 0.3g of fat per 100g so obv as u all pointed out my doctor knows squat lol
i keep reading about eating to little and im very confused as to how i should be going about this diet ive tried to make sure that i have eaten foods with less than 5% fat per 100g and have no side effects so far am i doing this right
for breaki i had
1 banana 1 tangerine and a muller light youghut
lunch i had a philidelphia light with marmite on weight watchers bread and a tangerine
and for tea i had
a batcholours pasta in sauce made with skimmed milk and philidelphia light with a muller light youghurt and jelly
is this right is it enough im so confused ???
also how do i get notifications of people replying to threads and upload photos and one of them goal thingis
any help will be grateful x x thanks
but im very confused a
Hiya - I'm pretty new to this too I started on Monday, so am just figuring it out like you! I think your food looks OK but I'm sure someone who knows more will be along before too long to let you know.

To get a goal ticker - I got mine from www.tickerfactory.com or you can just click on someones and it takes you to the website they've got it from.

Glad you're doing well - I've had a little bit of side effects this morning but completely my own fault as I ate a Kitkat chunky!

Good luck for your first official weigh in, mine is MOnday too so I'll be comparing with you :) xx
i posted the calorie counter link on reply to my thread for you! i think u prob could need to eat a wee bit more than u,ve had!
you will find out how replys to ur thread and other one u have commented by checking ur email! minz is always flashing up to say someone has commented as this is as active as facebook at times i,ve found.lol ur doc,s wife probably does all his cooking for him..heehee
Your Doc was on about prawns containing high amounts of cholesterol - the little b*gg**s!!!
Doesnt do much to change our cholesterol levels though........Saturated fat is the culprit.
See the British heart foundation website.
hiya guys i thanks everyone for u advice kirsty im sure a kit kat chunky will be fine for a treat we will have to compare notes and our 1st weeks weight loss
have u been weeing a lot i constantly need to wee lol
i had a few fruit gums last night as i noticed that they have near enough no fat in them so if i feel like something sweet im gonna suck on a few of them ! can anyone tell me of this is ok please i really wanna do this thing properly
im dreading tomorrow we r going to my mums for sunday dinner and she does the nicest roast potatoes and potatoes dauhinouse :( ill have to have boiled ones or mash i WONT give in to the tempting ones ha ha wish me luck lol


Go on smile! =)
I have a full roast every sunday. No problems :) Sweets tend to be low in fat but very high in sugar. A very nice treat i sometimes have is sugar free sweets from morrisons like strawberry and cream things. :) Great for sucking on and there is nothing in them
Go to User CP hun, click Edit Signature, and then paste the code from ticker factory into the box there. Click save and that should be your ticker saved :)


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