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1st day over

I have survived the the 1st day am starving but that's OK I can cope with it. Had lots of water today never done so many trips too the loo ;). The cold does not help, it start it to snow down here at 6pm and it has not stoped yet,it does look beautiful outside.
Good luck to you all new starters.... I will be here for support
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Yep, the cold doesn't help at all! I have just about got through day 2 on a re-start from last year. I am hungry and not downing enough water, tut tut. It will all be worth it on the first official weigh-in x
I am on my day 2, am up since about 6 am office is closed because of the snow. Have to keep busy somehow. Do feel very hugry trying to put of my 1st shake till later otherwise it will be very long day.
Have nice day all good people :) and enjoy the snow
Hi Bib

Its day 2 for me too. I was hungry last night so I ended up going to bed early but hopefully when Ketosis kicks in the hunger should go!!

I am having my breakfast now Choc Mint which I made with hot water and its really nice!

Just keep drinking the water and im sure the hunger will pass

Good Luck :D x x x
Thank you. I will have to try it with hot water sounds good. I hope the ketosis will help. I think you do need to have big willpower to be on this diet. My husband just had toast with butter and jam it smells so good. Well of to have my shake and than take the dog for wonder, bit of exercise :)
Day 2 for me!! We're snowed in to and I know what you mean. All day yesterday all I wanted was cheeses on toast! Got my bottle of water though and will hang out for that shake til lunchtime I think. It's tough. Good luck x
Just think ladies (I keep thinking this) by the time its warm, we will be in new bodies! So....survive the cold, live it up in the warm. If i dont, i will survive the cold nesting, and eating to my hearts content and then spend the summer in, feeling rubbish!
Goodluckkkkk and well done for getting through day one, it really does get easier xxx
It's bloody cold here as well, we already have 2 feet of snow on the ground and now we're getting another half foot! I've actually started mixing my first shake (vanilla) with some coffee to warm myself up in the morning, it really does seem to help! Today I may have to do that for my noon shake as well :)

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