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1st day - Please Help!!!!!!


Likes Food :)

Its my first day today and am on my 2nd shake. But I'm sooooo hungry and have a terrible headache. I'm writing this with the hope that someone will give me encouragement because I cant go through this for weeks on end!!!! Does it get easier, or am I doing something wrong? :cry:
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It gets so much easier, don't worry!

I'm not gonna lie though, the first few days are rough. If you can get through the first 4 or 5 days, it gets a lot easier after that. Headaches go and hunger gets easier.

Take some painkillers for your headache, and keep going! Think how proud you'll be at your first weigh in if you've stuck 100% and you see an amazing loss!

Hang in there!


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It DOES get easier, promise.. When I did it in the run up to my wedding I found the first 3 days tough but then I got in to ketosis and it became MUCH easier after that! Plus you can really see the scales coming down as the weeks go by and that is a great motivator, as is the fact your clothes get too big!

Keep going, honestly I know it's hard at the moment but it's only a few days and then you've cracked it, put your faith in the diet and then you can watch the pounds disappear!



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Hi Sam

YES !!!! it does get better, I promise!

I treated my first few days as if I was poorly and spoiled myself rotten with lovely bubble baths, early nights with a good book!

I also made the decision to see the whole week out 100% and then see how I felt.
I can tell you now, after that first weigh in, you will be so spurred on, and you will also find your energy levels increasing.

Keep it up, your doing really well, and in the next few days you should be in ketosis !!

Good Luck and keep us posted


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Hi Sam

It definitely gets loads easier and as everyone has said it is the dreaded first three days which are the worst. I am on week 3( get weighed tom) and I have bundles of energy and am never hungry...........I cook every day for my family from scratch and it does not bother me at all...........keep going it is sooo worth it.........x
Hey, like everyone says it gets a lot easier. I think that as soon as you have a weigh in it helps because it's so motivational.


Likes Food :)
Thanks to everyone for the kind words and encouragement!!! I've just taken some headache tablets, and am really determined to stick this out. Thanks again!:)


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Well done Sam, keep going! Hope the painkillers help!


Cambridge Consultant
Well done Sam..
It does get easier I promise it does. my third day was the worst for me I felt light headed and just generally rubbish. I took some neurofen and had plenty of water, had some early night and warm bubble baths......
We wouldnt all be here now if it didnt get easier hon I promise you it will just stick with it and jump on here if you have any questions x
Oooh yeh, bubble baths definately helped me out in my first few days!
try splitting all your shakes/soups into 2 so instead of 3 you have 6 its what i do and i find it so much easier and im not hungry at all..hope this helps xx


Loves life......
Bubble baths.............I am soooo jealous as only have showers in our house.............so need to get a bath installed ............quick........lol.x
As others have said it gets so much easier. First 3 days are horrible I won't lie to you. But lots and lots of water (which in turn means lots of trips to the loo lol) and black tea or coffee (black tea isn't as bad as I thought it might be) and it all passes you'll get your first weigh in and feel fab!!!


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My first six days were grim! But I also had a weigh in after 4 days and had lost 6lbs so it was a great motivator. Once I'd got past the sixth day things were much better. I had a long chat with my CDC and she really helped me through it.

Keep going - it's worth it! Good luck! x
Hi i started cambridge yesterday for the 2nd time. Last time i had terrible terrible headaches but it was because i wasnt drinking enough water. This time im drinking loads and going to the loo all the time :p and so far no headaches. Keep going chuck

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