1st Day


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Hello everyone :hello:

Well today is my first day on the cd and I'm actually enjoying the shakes / soups (strawberry this morning - ok and leek and potato soup for lunch - really yummy!!) I'm struggling however on the water - I dont drink tea or coffee and I don't like milk or plain water. I've heard several different thing like some people have no added sugar quash / coke zero - but I thought tht these would prevent you going into ketosis, I've also heard about the powders that you can get from cdc but I wont be seeing her till next week now- can anyone clear this up as I'd love to add squash to my water as I'm really struggling.

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Hi stokegal, good luck with CD. I empathise with getting used to drinking water.
I believe that coke zero is a no-no although people have posted that they can have the odd can and stay in ketosis.
I don't know about the powder from CDC although I am seriously wanting to buy some next time I see mine.
Sorry, can't help your enquiry, but somebody will provide the answers soon.

But keep going, I am day 3 - having lost a few stones last year. This diet does work!
You will be amazed how easy it gets to incorporate it. I try and have a glass, but often. So you dont have to drink lots at once, hydrates you better that way too. Then just keep doing that- little and often and you will be at your quota easily xxx