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1st day

Well today is the day I start my new diet... weight is currently 14 stone 2... I know!! bad init!!:cry: took piccys of how I look now... had my 1st milkshake, mmmmm chocolate and mint! it was actually really yum! :p

OMG!! I actually look like I am preggers!! Going to wait till at least 3pm before I have my soup. I am off of work today because my asthma is playing up badly due to a chest infection so I will be sleeping a lot anyway which will help take my mind off the hungry feeling I suppose!! so there is one good thing come out of this stupid chest infection!! Got a hen do to go to in 19 days so I really really hope this diet works, and quickly!! Moulin Rouge theme as a fatty just doesn't float my boat to be honest!! although if this diet isn't that successful I could go as the drag queen!! lol but not knowing many of the girls that well, I will be feeling slightly insecure/out of place anyway... being fat will just make me feel worse. After the hen do it's back on the diet!! got to get thin for my wedding!! whoop whoop Just had my 1st litre of water of the day with the sunshine orange flavouring... I really like it!!
3PM Just had the soup...... BLOODY YUK!!! Broccoli and stilton... REMIND me never ever to get that again!!

8PM Just had the Apple and Cinnamon porridge...... BLOODY YUM!! Only problem was I forgot to savour the last mouthful and it was gone before I knew it!! PANTS!! must remember tomorrow to pay attention to eating the last bit!!!

Well that's the 1st day over with.... wasn't that bad at all!! however, everything I saw/heard/smelt seemed to resemble to a type of naughty food.... I was playing a game on the internet after turning the television off as the mid morning boring cookery programs came on... then what did I see.... a 2 minute long bloody cadburys cream egg advert while my game was loading!!! grrrr..... BUT!! I didn't cave in... he he
Been up to the hospital a few times today to get on the nebuliser for the old asthma... and then what do I come away with!! MAXIMUM DOSE OF STEROIDS FOR 5 DAYS!! WHY!! that means HUGE water retention for me!! I'm going to be naughty and just stick to the asthma pumps and antibiotics!! IF I do get bad then I may consider taking them..... DOUBLE PANTS!!! One good thing I suppose of having bad asthma today, I will be shattered tomorrow through effort of breathing today... sleep through my hunger tomorrow... makes sense to me!!
My fella is very much intrigued as to what my outcome will be on this diet... he has complained about the cost of the diet. His exact words were 'you paid £45 for half a bag of porridge and 7 tins of soup and a tin of milkshake powder!!' But I stuck to my guns! He is actually almost matching my diet but his style... today he ate the following:
Multi vit tablet
bowl of porridge oats made with semi skimmed milk
1 apple
1 tin of meat and veg soup
1 banana
1 chicken breast with a small tin of sweet corn
bucket loads of water
I am proud of him for doing that!! I am worried though cause he played squash tonight.... so most that he ate he burnt off... he is shattered... in fact I am sure I can hear him snoring his lovely nose off now!! tee hee... I am sure that he is doing his version of diet in a ploy to prove that I don't have to spend bucket loads of money to achieve a goal.... hmmmmm...... he may be on me!! TRIPLE PANTS!! I need to rethink how to spend his money!! tee hee.... =0p

ROLL ON 2ND DAY!! OH!!! Roll.... ham roll.... see what I mean???? FINAL PANTS!!! (of today that is!)
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