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1st day

Just the first few days were unpleasant for me but what got me through to ketosis was the determination to do this diet and end the cycle of *losing a little then putting it all back on*
Before you know it the hunger pangs will go :)
Keep drinking the water, it really helps

Good Luck on your CD journey, everyone here is so supportive and helpful so shout if you are worried :)

Annie x


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I agree, the first few days are hardest. Once your body gets into ketosis the physical hunger will disappear but you'll still have to contend with the psychological hunger.
I'm on day 4 and still feeling hungry. I'm in ketosis as I've used a ketone stick. I think it's deffo the psychological hungry. to make it worse someone has just come into the office with a McDonalds! Argghh! I'm determined to get the weight off!
Is anyone else in the same situation?


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Hi, Im on day 4 also and am struggling, headaches, period pains the lot. But I have stuck 100% and thats an achievement in itself. Not sure if in Ketosis, I have not had the energy thing so dont think so.
Hi there, well done for starting CD. I started 3 weeks ago on the 1000 cal diet and have coped really well apart from a few hunger pangs here and there. Have lost 7.4lbs and third weigh in tonight so fingers crossed.

Hope you get over the hunger pangs soon and good luck with your weight loss.


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Nickik - Im still burping water, feel im gonna burst. Not sure how much im drinking but have a glass full everytime i go to the kitchen so defo think im on target.

Had a banging head for two nights now, it always comes on after 3.30 but im sure i cant blame the kids, i think its withdrawal from the 6 dulce gusto yummy coffees i used to have.


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Well day 1 complete I sat and just watched my friend munch a sandwich at lunch!!!! LOL if been keeping busy to take my mind off food, if even been to agility tonight ! So come on day 2

Well done everyone keep up the good work


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I found the 3rd and 4th day the worst, but I just drank loads more water and took some nerufoen and felt so much better.. and Im now in my 8th week and so pleased I didnt give up.
Stick with it, its sooo worth it.
Good luck


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well im now on day 3 and iv woken up and not felt hungery yet! (weird) should i have a shake anyway? as its getting close to lunch time??

i think my problem is i feel more hungry when im at work cus i get very very bored! but when im at home my brain switches off food hence iv woken up and not thought about it
That was my exact problem- boredom!!! My OH went to London last weekend for 2 nights and i had the TV to myself, so i put my little one to bed and settled down to a nice chilled evening in front of the box! There were 3 great films on too. Any whoo- i'll get to my point...Lol! That would have been prime time for me to stuff my face all night long before. I did honestly feel like i was missing something, and couldn't quite relax like i should have! My hardest days were probably 1-5, all the withdrawls and hunger, but it was bearable. after the fisrt week, it becomes a bit of a habit, you also then find out what your fave flavoours etc are, so you kinda look forward to your shake/soups/bars!
Stick at it lovely, it will be the best decicion you've ever made esp when you jump on those scales for the first time! oh, and WATER lots of WATER!!!!!!!!!!!! Lemme know how you get on XXXXXXX


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Ah thanks well iv been keeping myself busy iv gone and brought some paint 15% off today at honebase so I have been painting for the last hour:eek:

The only worry I have is that I planned to cme off the diet for my b day but I'm worried I might find it to hard to get back on it!!!!! I can't not have a drink and a nice meal for my b day that would really suck!:cry:

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