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1st official Weigh in


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Morning all. I started LT for the second time yesterday with some packs I had left over from last year but today was my first official weigh in. 19 stone 1lb!!!!!!!!! :mad:. I feel so angry with myself for letting this happen again. It's the heaviest I have ever been and I really feel like I've let myself down. But onwards and downwards as they say. This WILL be the last time I ever see that number again.

Hope you are all well this morning.

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You've got the right attitude hun! That is definately the last time you will ever see those numbers on the scales! You'll be jumping for joy at the ones you get next week :) xx


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Just think next week you will be in the 18's.....it's all downwards from here!!! Good luck!!


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Well done for taking yourself in hand. Good luck, darlin' we are all here for you, every step of the way. I've waited 38 years for a diet this effective, (my first was WW when I was 16) and I've yo-yoed all my life, trying to get back to how I was WHEN I was 16 years old!!!! (a size 14!) So well done for telling yourself this is the last time you are 19 stone +Believe it and it WILL happen for you.


Here we go again!
I was the same when I weighed in January, swore that this was the last time those scales would be so high.

Don't worry about it though cos the time flies by so fast on LT you will be amazed at how quickly you drop down through those stones. Stick with it, you know it works and you will be dropping weight very quickly.


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Hi debs - dont let it get you down use it as your focus and determination! :)

I started a similar weight to you - 19st 6lbs and im very pleased with my losses.

So, if like me you stick to it 100% theres no reason why the weight wont litterally drop off you!

Good luck chick and remember this forum is great and there is always someone around :) x


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Thank you everyone for your messages. It really helps to know there are people who have been where I am now and are having such good losses. It makes me realise the only person stopping me would be me. :)
Well done for taking the first steps to being a happy healthy slim you x


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Well done for getting back on the waggon! Best of luck xx


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Well done for getting back on track, the wagon will always be here, so just don't give up trying. Good luck with your journey xxx


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Hi Debs,
I was the same start weight as you and like you it was the heaviest I had been and got a real shock when I stepped on the scales :cry:. But hey we have made the first steps to new life in a slimmer, healthier body.
Stick at it and its amazing how quickly you will start to see the results x


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You're on the right diet and the lbs will dissapear in no time, keep us posted and good luck


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Welcome back and stay strong and you know you will see fab weight losses really quickly.xx:)

sparkle 63

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welcome bk hun and good luck you can do it x

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