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1st slim and save week almost done!

Hi to all my fellow slim savers,:wavey:
I recently began this diet on Tuesday. I'm doing the simplicity plan and so far loving all of the tasty meals I was hungry the first three days about an hour before I was due my meals but now I feel fantastic. Hope that means I'm in Ketosis! So excited for this Tuesday morning I cant wait to see how I've done! I know lots of people see amazing results within there 1st week hope I can be one of them:D:D

Favourite shakes definitely chocolate/cookies&cream
Favourite soup beef curry noodle
Favourite meal mild curry/chilli con carne
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Good luck for Tuesday! We can do this :) I started today and hoping to do 2 months without a break.. Fingers crossed! X
Thanks! Yes we can!
How has your first day been?
I had banoffee porridge my first day gorgeous
Looking forward to your first weigh results! Have you tried the bars? Love them.
Yeah so far i tried the honey and nougat which was ok. My favourite was the dark choc truffa bar!
Not a fan of the honey nougat, I like coconut and orange/mint/dark truffa.
I like the mint cant bear the orange.
I just read your stats so inspiring to see someone at a similar start weight losing 25.4lbs in under 2 months thats fantastic congrats:clap:
So to day is my 7th day of sns cant believe its gone so quick and that tomorrow morning I will be having my first weigh in so excited. In a way I have found this easier than when I tried slimming world.
So far I've been doing the simplicity plan but yesterday I decided to do a lifestyle day and treat the boyf and myself to a steak dinner. It was lovely I had medallion steak topped with onions and served with broccoli.
I really like the schwartz steak spice mixes does anyone know if we can have these?

Yesterday was a real run around I was working yesterday and had to have a 5 hour gap between my 1st and 2nd pack so was absolutely starving i really liked the strawberry shake but i loved the mild curry. I think next time i make it I will mix the curry with some veggies and turn it into a veggie curry:eat:

The best bit of the day was my last meal which was the dark choc truffa bar sooooo good really rich and gooey I will definitely be buying more of those

So today has been like christmas morning for me as my new sns delivery is here!! I order the prepacked 28 day simplicity bundle which i have been sifting through to see what is included only bad thing is that the bars were lemon and orange choc truffa ewww and i have 17 of them. Cant stand those so I am going to try and swap them on the sns swap shop ,hopefully for some tasty shakes or some different bars (I'm very picky when it comes to chocolate)

I'm going to have my second pack now which I think I will have the four cheese pasta I've heard mixed reviews about it but hoping it will be lovely as it sounds gorgeous.
I started this morning with a forest fruit shake I didnt mind it but it was the texture of it that I didnt like it didnt seem to mix as well as the other shakes I have had. I'm also going to try another new shake flavour for my third pack I'm going to have raspberry shake which also seems to divide opinion.

Favourite meals so far
shake: chocolate/cookies and cream
soup: beef curry noodle soup
meal: Mild curry
Bar: dark choc truffa/ mint choc truffa bar

shake: rhubarb and custard (tastes like soap)
soup: mushroom
Meal: spicy spaghetti with green and red chillis
Bars: Lemon/ Orange choc truffa

Things yet to try
shake: toffee, caramel, vanilla ice cream, crispy shakes, mint choc, cherry choc
soup: Thai, chicken noodle and tomato
meal: scrambled egg, cottage pie
You will start feeling a lot better this week. The hunger will lift and it's such a relief when it does. If you can't swap the bars they always sell on ebay. Not sure about the steak topper, if not make your own with oxo and garlic powder? I like the curry too, hated all the pasta dishes. You will find your tastes change a lot over the next few weeks! Good luck for tomorrow.
I hope so i havent been mega hungry but it would be nice to get my appetite under control.
I have thought about doing that as a bundle with a few shakes and meals i dont want.
i had the 4 cheese pasta it wasnt to bad i just prefer the spicy meals i think. My tastes have changed quite abit i love the banoffee porridge but if i got offered banoffee anything i would gag at the thought. I ate mushroom pasta it was nice just too peppery for me but before i would sit and pick out any mushroom in my food.
Hi neither can i so excited just got back from the gym focused on doing core exercise circuits. So my invisible abs are killing. Just sitting down enjoying a lovely chocolate shake swear to god im drinking frijji it tastes so good
So today was quite relaxed it was my day off.
i had a few new meals including forest fruit shake and 4 cheese pasta.
both were ok but best were my 3rd pack beef curry noodle soup yum and a chocolate shake for my 4th pack after the gym.

I am struggling with the only light exercise i have quite an intense gym routine and i get bored just focusing on core exercises and speed walking. I stormpede across a shopfloor constantly for a living so it doesnt really affect me. Is anyone doing more than sns recommend? How are you finding it? Does it affect your weightloss?
Any advice would really be appreciated xx
I'm not doing an extra exercise. I walk places and have 2 under 5 to chase about so don't find it have any extra energy. I suppose I could add in some weights, I had planned to because I'm.hitting decent protein levels to sustain it. Also considered yoga and pilates. Now I just need to find the time!
So today is my very first weigh in and ive lost .....a stone! I cant believe it
never dream id lose more than 7lbs so happy. Im going to take my measurements tonight not expecting alot off as im hourglass so i put weight on equally everywhere and lose from everywhere but any difference is amazing.

Put on my work trousers they dont feel any looser hopefully by next tuesday they will be.
Im at work today so ive had some original oatmeal which i had to make put in a tuppaware container and eat it on the bus i just ran out of timethis morning. Going to have the beef curry noodle soup again for lunch aabsolutely love it. When i get home i think I'll have the cittage pie pack with some broccoli which is my favourite vegetable so it hasnt been hard not eating white potato however do miss sweet potato.
Not sure what will be 4th im gonna pyt it in meal planner and see whats best.

hi fitforafb i trued pilates and yoga i definitely prefered pilates i dont know maybe im too impatient to enjoy yoga. I dont have kids just a crazy greyhound puppy at the moment so busy attempting to chase her :p
i use weights but ive decreased the amounts quite alot at least half. My favourite exercise is cherry picker you get a weight recline back with knees bent.and swivel from the waist side to side really tightens the waist.
Wow that's amazing!! Well done! I'm sure you'll have inch loss if you tot it up. I'll have to look up the cherry picker.
Thanks fitforafb and becxs1980 so happy nothing has ruined my day today so happy not even getting soaked in the rain.

fitforafb I absolutely love cherry pickers they work on your sides making your waist smaller as it works your obliques. I used them when i wanted to get a smaller waisted when i was skinny.

becxs1980 i will try although i sat drooling over the toast my OH was eating tonight.
So day 8 part 2

For my third pack I had the carbonara it was awful i definitely prefer the four cheese to that. After that I went to the gym did 4-3 minute intervals on the cross trainer and my core circuits along with some squats. omg i suck at push ups and they were 3/4 pushups double eek 10 in a row isnt too bad right?

After the gym the OH and I went for a couple of drinks in the pub I dont drink super regularly so it wasnt weird for him to order beer and me a water although I actually had fizzy water for a change and loved it I use to hate it sns has really changed my taste.

when we got back I made my self a raspberry shake which was lovely it reminded me of petit filou (dont know if thats how you spell it sorry) while the OH ate toast and a yorkie bar. I hate men sometimes! luckily he ate it quickly so I wasnt tortured for too long.
A stone!!! Omg that's fab.. Well done! I hope I'm somewhere near that it would be awesome! The first time I did this last year I lost 10 pounds in my first week so even if I ger that I'll be happy.. Well done you!

Are you planning to do this till goal or do u have planned breaks in between?

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