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1st SW meeting horrible!

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Hi all,

I attended 1st SW meeting last night ..(I have done WW but everyone was raving so much about SW I thought I'd check it out) .. It felt terrible .. Firstly when I arrived no one welcomed me it was a sort of sit in that corner like a bold child, once that bit was over though I thought the meeting would be interesting! ..

However i was very shocked to find the Meeting seemed to had no plan or advise build in, it was more like a The leader reading from her palm pilot in a disorganised fashion calling people out ..announcing their weight losses and gains to everyone! I found it very strange and gained nothing from it! The leader also seems very disorganised and even said in the starter meeting oh I wouldn't ask me the syns in anything or recipes I'm a bland person eating the same every-week ... Is it not her job to know and help!? So confused!

Then when to weigh in there was no pleasantries or advise, just you weigh x, I even said "gee I reckon I'll find eating on the run And better option takeaway hard" expecting at least some encouragement or advise, the answer was it's in the book see you next week! Not a "do you have questions" or note of encouragement!

Sorry for the rant just I am wondering is this how the meetings usually go? I have to say I have attended various Weight watcher venues as I travel around the country a bit and I have always felt welcome and learned at least something new in the meeting! I leaned nothing from the meeting .. It was very odd and cold not a place I felt I would be supported .. In fact I thought OMG I would hate to have gained and be mortified like that!

Any advise in if this is the norm would be greatly appreciated!

Becky x

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my local club was the same i hated it im really not sure about having my losses/gains spoken about in class the leader was only interested in people that was doing well and to top it all the biggest gossip from the estate was weighing people i stuck to it for a few weeks but ended up feeling worse after going even if i had lost so ended up giving up and gaining all the weight i had lost but since may i have been doing the plan at home and i feel so much better the sw plan is brilliant i cant fault that at all and im losing steady doing it on my own but it is a shame some leaders put people off going
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S: 17st4lb C: 16st6lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 37.1 Loss: 0st12lb(4.96%)
Ah thanks for replying .. Im glad it wasn't just me it felt so odd and unsupportive.

It has actually meant I haven't even started the plan I felt so negatively afterwards! I havent given it a chance, I have started a week of lipotrim to stall while I read the plan cause I literally could not have started today i had no clue and the whole experience did not get me excited or motivated!

Felt like shovelling over 18EUR to hear who lost and gained .. I can read that in here!
Sorry serious rant! I have heard so many people praising the plan but maybe its the plan not the meetings that work! The leader was awful! I rang SW and complained felt it was that bad!

Glad to hear it's working for you good on ya doing it yourself!

Becky x

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I suppose ther ewill be good and bad SW consultant as there are good and bad WW and every other plan. It's not a reflection on the plan so please don't let your bad experience put you off the plan. Not all classes are like the one you describe so perhaps it was an off night (even consultants can have them) or are there other classes nearby you could try instead? If there are things you don't understand call the consultant and make her explain it to you.


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so sorry to hear of your experience - actually both of you, I think as in all walks of life there are good and bad, is it possible you could find another class locally?
This plan is really great, although I have lost 2 stone this year, and maybe not as much as others, I've done that whilst still living a normal life, still going on holiday and having to go on biz. trips.
If you can find a way of either going it alone or another class, I'm sure you'll get to grips with the plan - and if course, all the support you can grab on this site
Good luck
i have to say i think i am only doing so well on my own because of the lovely friendly people on this site there is always somebody to help advise or just chat too


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Becky, when I went to my first meeting I didn't know what to do, where to sit, or what to expect. I took the bull by the horns and asked one of the ladies in the queue where I was supposed to be. She pointed me in the direction of - as you said - a corner lol, where we had our introductory talk. That lasted around 30-40 minutes, while the other members were getting weighed in.
After that, we all joined the group and listened as the consultant went around with her PDA, announcing losses and gains. I was waiting for some big revelation or something during the chat, and the truth is, there wasn't...but as I listened, there came little kernals of wisdom from both consultant and members. I heard how people struggled and got ideas on how to deal with my own struggles, should they pop up, and I also heard little stories and snack ideas.
There was no big speech during the meeting, and there never has been, really, but I do learn something new every week, and I find I have a lot more focus for the week ahead if I go every week and stay til the end. Otherwise I end up crashing, bigtime.

If you can find another meeting near you, give it another try.
Good luck with your weight loss journey!


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That sounded horrible! I would do as others have said and try and find another class. Don't let it put you off :). My group is lovely and I look forward to going every week, everyone talks to each other and the Consultant is very supportive. Stick with it, you will be fine :cool:
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Wow im sorry you had a bad time at group.Mine is the total opposite.My first meeting i walked in and was welcomed by my consultant.She went through the plan with me in great detail while others were weighing in.Then when she started the meeting she introduced me to the group and they all clapped and welcomed me.I dont stay to every meeting,but when i do she is always very good.If you can,find another group to go to,stick with sw as it really is great :) good luck x
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I am not keen on staying to group either when I lived in Leicester my consultant was brilliant and we did different things every week, here my consultant is lovely but its the same every week just listening to peoples losses and gains.
I continue to go because I know this is the healthiest long term plan I've been on and it can be continued for life not like others.
Give the plan a try before you make any decisions as its worth it :)


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Hi there:)

Sorry you had such a bad first experience. I would strongly suggest finding another nearby group run by a different consultant and try that one instead. Group should feel warm & welcoming and be something you look forward to, not cold and unwelcoming.

I can't go to group tonight and i really feel like im missing out!

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