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1st Week - Lost 7lbs but still feel CRAP!

Hey all, I had my 1st weigh-in on Satuday and lost 7lbs.....well done, you go girl I hear you all say but I still feel disgusting and I still ATE over the weekend out of pure depression, I know I was NOT hungry!

Although I am happy with my loss, I can't seem to get over just how long a journey this will be....... I still have another 3 stones to lose and it feels like a hurdle I will never get over, I just can't picture myself being slim!!!

I've been single for almost 5 years, no kids, live alone but don't get me wrong, I have great friends, family, always out clubbing most weekends ( I don't drink by the way or drugs for that matter) so I'm not completely un-confident but I just feel a bit lost at the moment! I really want the weight off but at the same time when I crave the food I ask myself if it's really gonna make that much of a difference in my life......will I REALLY be happier, will I find a man, will I get promoted at work......I think NOT....so what's the point!

I've just read some posts and feel better already but am I ab-normal, has anyone had a good loss in the 1st week but still felt like CRAP??? :cry:

Sam x
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Hi Sam,

You are far from abnormal ! First and foremost congratualtions on your weightloss so far! 1/2 stone gone already is fantastic!
Looking at the journey ahead of you when you have only just started can be really daunting especially when you have only just started. I know when I started I knew I would be looking at 14 weeks in foundation and possibly the same again in development before I could re-introduce food again. It seemed an insurmountable task and I almost gave in there and then.
The best advice I can give you is to break your journey down into chunks. Look at losing the first stone first (you are halfway there already) or aim for the next dress size down and go and buy something in that size - at the beginning the weight comes off so fast you will be shocked when in 2-3 weeks you are fitting into that size no problem.
I know that going without conventional food for such a long time seems dreadful - but abstinence is also a really exciting time. In a way I wish I could re-live it and enjoy it all over again - especially the day I first zipped up my size 14's in M&S (having started in size 26).
So my advice is to try and focus on the things that will make you happier about losing the weight and you may find that the job and the man follow suit. (I have been a different animal in my job since I lost the weight and even taken on a second job!!! I never would have thought that would be possible in my first week of foundation).
The world will be your oyster Sam, and sooner than you think
Go for it girl
hi sam ,
im a bit like you..... eat not because im hungry or unhapy , i just like feeding time !!! again , i want to be slim but want it to happen overnight , go to bed as a size 16 and wake up as a size 10 !!! lol but that aint happening . im also 5 ft 5 and weighed 12 stone 9lb at the start of my cd journey . i am into week 8 and should be at goal but i have dithered around for 5 of those weeks . i have so far lost 13 1/2 lb , so just another stone to go.
i have often had the same thoughts as you , will it make a diffenece ... and deep down the answer is yes. i dont see what other people see, i can still see myself as i was at 10 stone in a size 12/14 , then i look at pics and i cant believe it is me in them .... who is the larger girl with a couple of chins etc.... but nope it is me ! i dont always see myself as the overweight person ...that comes when im having to lie on the bed to do up my jeans ....
inside i want to be slim , i want to go into whatever shops i like and pick up a size 14 and know it will fit ... that will make me happy. food will be there at the end of our journey , this is short term . although i am sat at my pc with this massive desire to open a packet of crisps .... but i wont.
you have done well to loose 7 lb .... dont loose sight of what is at the end, keep going you can do it .... you are not alone.
sending hugs


please try again
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ur not abnormal hun
i was acctually disappointed by my losses at first, i want to be the girl who walks down the street without anyone staring or making fun of and i want it now!
but i didnt get to the size i am overnight so shouldnt expect it to go that quick either
at a guess i would say its going to take me about a year to get to target ( ive a heck of a lot to get rid of ) so whats one little year out of the rest of my life if it means im healthy and hopefully happy
ive a small child and i want to be around to see all the events in her life
you just need to focus on why you want to get rid of that weight


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Definitely not abnormal.

No matter how fast the weight comes off, it never seems quite fast enough...

I remember looking at this wonderful forum before I started CD and reading about someone who was disappointed because they'd only lost 2 pounds. I remember thinking, disappointed? Why--you've lost 2 pounds for heaven's sake...

But when it was my turn to only lose 2 pounds, I felt gutted! LOL

It seems to take forever--yet here I am, completing week 6 and more than 2 stones lighter (weigh on later will confirm--but I'm confident :D)

Two stones in six weeks! Yay! Show me another diet that'll give me that!

It's all relative, I s'pose. 6 weeks is nothing. It took 10 years for me to pile on the weight.

Stick with it hun--it really is worth it.


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