1st week weigh in results-Then a bit of a disaster!


The good first:
Well I visited my CDC last night (day 8) and am stunned, as I lost 12lbs ! woooo!! :)
Even though I did have one blip in the week involving some cheese and a few crisps- I worked hard not to let it happen again.
I really am believing that I can get to goal for the dreaded works Xmas party in december now.
Also got the bars, and was told to take them slowly, and watch how I do on them.
Ive had the cranberry-oh yum this was exactly what I needed :)
Now the bad bit;:(
However as a suprise from my manager today she took me out to lunch:(
I just couldn't bring myself to tell her, she was really chuffed to treat me. I didn't want it- and I wasn't even hungry. So I told her I wasn't hungry and ordered the best looking things which were;
A bowl of steamed veg:-cauliflower,green beans,carrots ( I didn't eat the carrots) and red cabbage. I knew on AAM you could have green and white- so I tried to only eat that.It was topped with really thick mashed potato and I had about 2 tablespoons.
She then ordered me fries- I had about 8-hid the rest under the uneaten carrot!!
Then a cake with nuts and chocolate- I had about a heaped Tablespoon.
I refused to drink,and had water and black coffee.
I feel disgusted with myself now-I hated every mouthfull.
feel awful :(
I dare to think what damage it's done.
Vicky x
First a massive well done on your incredible weight loss. And second, this so wasn't your fault. Sounds like you were kind of forced out in a very unfortunate situation. This is not the same as going home and eating chocolate in secret and like you say, you didn't even enjoy it anyway. You haven't really had that much (8 chips - well done on the self restraint) and what you had today will not make you put the 12lbs back on.
dont beat yourself up - a very difficult situation to deal with. I found myself in a similar one early days on this and just told everyone what I was doing - the support has been suppurb.

You know from your weigh in that you can do this - put it behind you and continue - dont let this one incident spoil the rest of your diet.

Good luck hun

Loads of water will soon wash that through !!!!!!
Aww bless!
How unfortunate :(
Well done on the massive loss though! :D
Its difficult when you dont want everyone around you to know about the diet. But to avoid situations like that in future it might be best to mention your on a plan and really cant go to lunches etc.

Forget it and concentrate on making up for it this week :p
Come on Vicky you did so well to lose 12lb now donot beat yourself up about this one little bilp,sounds as though you could not say no and hated it which was good if you loved it then it would have been harder to stop.Just put it behind you and carry on as before,can you not tell her about CD so that there is no chance of this happening again.
Well done again on the 12lb loss,
Hi Wisp

You had a fabulous weightloss last week and did really well. You now need to just get back to 100%. Bear in mind it will probably be difficult for a while and you will need every bit of determination you can find. I had a wedding at the end of my first week and ate but felt so well I was glad to get back to it. How are you feeling? Try to learn from this and not regret it. Personnally for me I am glad I weigh everyday and do not wait all week for a weigh in as I know from other diets that after the weigh in I was tempted to cheat. (I know that weekly weigh in's are often advised but it's not for me.) Also you need to arm yourself with strategies for dealing with this type of situation again. I didn't tell anyone to start with about CD because I wasn't confident enough of my success but I have found confidently saying sorry can't eat that I'm on a strict diet or the like if they get inquisitive I am vague or make it clear I don't want to talk about. Maybe I don't want to talk about it, it's boring! Something like that. if you get back to it immediately now damage will be minimal. Good luck and remember the success of your first week. Let us all know how it's going.

Just to make my self clearer I felt so well on the diet I was happy to get back on. Eating I felt awful I expect you do too. But you must put that behind you. You can do it! Dizzy
Ive only told close friends and family about CD.
Its unheard of to have lunch after work- so Im sure it wont happen again. And next time any thing like that happens-Im going to say-I just cant do that again-it was awful!!
Im having loads of water now, and Ill add an extra 15 minutes to my walk tomorrow. Thanks everyone :)
Hi there

Wow what a fabulous first week's loss - how chuffed you must have been!!!

Now i just don't understand why the hell you wouldn't just tell your boss you're on a diet - that amazes me!!

I'm a very open person and everyone knows i'm on a diet (i even posted my before and after pictures to everybody at work by email to thank them for their support). All i have had from people is support - they are fascinated by my transformation and i have to say their "attention" really made me stick to the diet rigidly!

What do you think your boss would have said if you told her you were on a strict diet?

Also how do anyone hide the fact their on a diet - surely the soups/shakes and bars give it all away anyway haha. Also the fact that your shrinking infront of their eyes?!?!

Be proud that you've made this life changing decision, it's your choice and you can do what the hell you like!!!

I know we're all different, but i really can't get my head round why some people keep it secret....?

Well done for getting back on track, and as everyone said just keep glugging the water!!
Thanks Karen, I havn't told anyone other than close friends and family, because In the past year Ive started several diet programs-told absolutely everyone, then failed-and piled on more weight again.
Everyone would support me at the start, then a few weeks on they would ask how I was doing, and I'd tell them Id given up!

Even after loosing 6 stone, 4 years ago, Ive had a really bad time loosing the weight, and keeping up the motivation of loosing 1lb per week.- Until now that is!

So to avoid this ever happening again, Im going to tell everyone- because this time my heart is in it, and theres no stopping me :)
Failure is not an option this time, and thats why I was so upset about today.
Way to go wisp!!! I've failed many diets in the past too but i was sooo determined with this one!! Basically noone cares if we lose weight or not, it's only our assumption of how other people think of us!! Think how many people you know that have struggled with dieting - do you judge them? No, course you don't!

Tell everyone, shout it from the rooftops - you are lucky to have found such an amazing diet!! I loved going into the office (wasn't that often as i'm based from home) to get all the lovely compliments - and it was a real boost to my motivation levels!! In fact i didn't eat one single morsel for 8 months.

As everyone says, the easy way to do this diet is by sticking to it 100%, any other way makes it pure torture and drags it out even longer.

So forget about your blip and go back to being focussed and strong. You really don't have much more to lose and you'll be there way before xmas!! How exciting is that?!

Glad you didn't take offence at my earlier post, did worry me when i re-read it, too much of a straight talker sometimes!!!!

All the best,
Hi Wisp...WELL DONE you fantastic loss!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont worry about the small bit you ate just think how much will power you had not to go the whole hog and eat for england!You didnt you just did what you could to keep your boss happy.Just forget it and get back to the ssing and glug glugging and you'll be fine.
Well done once again :D
Aww thanks :) Karen no offence was taken, Im taking your advice on board and shouting it from the rooftops from now on :)!
And Im still glugging away!
Good luck Wisp.. I can totally understand that you don't want to tell everyone!

Well done for your determination and not gorging on all of the food on offer!

Keep ur eyes on the prize!

Wishing you all the luck!

And well done for the weight loss!