1st week weigh-in


I am thrilled!
Have just had my first weigh-in and guess what .....

11.5 lbs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God this diet is incredible!

not only that but I've had the tape-measure out .....

results there too!

Off to dance on 'cloud 9'!
Good weight loss! Well done!
Fantastic start, no wonder you are on cloud nine.

Well done!
Well done!! That's an awesome first weigh-in. :D
Weh hey Think size 12 (Love the name!) that's a fabulous loss and no surprise youre dancing on C9! i have my first weigh in on my restart tomorrow so far my scales are showing 6lb loss..not as fab as yours but 6lb less lard than last week!

Onwards and downwards

Here comes size 12!