1st weigh feel a bit disappointed


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Dont feel disappointed, that is still a good weight loss...we all lose at different speeds...it depends on a number of factors.

Are you drinking enough? How much have you to lose? Is it TOTM....you would be surprised at the fluctuations.

Hang in there and good luck for next week.

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Lily, we all read of the fab results of many people on the forum and then expect that ours should be the same. We are all different and will lose weight at different rates. I have never had huge losses at any stage but lose consistently over the weeks. I gave up comparing myself to others after a few weeks.
Inch loss is also a good thing to keep us motivated. Measure yourself every few weeks as well.
6lbs is a good result and you may well find that next week will be just as good. One thing that is most important is that it is going DOWN!!!!!!!! lots of luck


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6lb is great! it's near half a stone... IN A WEEK!!!
and the inch loss is a big YAY too.
well done chick x


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6lbs is brilliant & the inches are amazing try not to focus on what everyone else has done where all different and lose at diffrenet rates well done keep up the good work xx Sharron


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cant really say anything thats not been said, well done on loss, stick with it , its def worth it, :) best of luck this week ;)

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6lbs is a fab weight loss so don't be disappointed and the inch loss is excellent. Keep up the good work hun. x


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that is amazing i can remember being at the gym and an inch loss in a month was a cause for celebration


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hey that is great,,its 6lb that youll never see again!! onwards and downwards...you may have a good weightloss this week too, and make sure your drinking lots of water..you will lose it!! x


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S: 17st5lb C: 16st3lb G: 12st4lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 1st2lb(6.58%)
Thanks everyone feel much better. Its that I have soooo much to lose 5 stone at least that it seems like a milestone! I'm trying to up my water intake now from 2ltrs-3 .


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Dont feel down, I will be thrilled if I can lose that on Tuesday and next week could be just as good for you. Keep your chin hon.