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1st weigh in and not very happy


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Three pounds in a week! That's weight loss I can only dream of. Since I started three weeks ago I haven't lost any weight at all. If you keep going at that rate you'll be losing nearly a stone a month. Wow! & Well done.
Hi slimmerkay,
Well done for your first weight loss. I hate to say it, but in a week or so you'll probably be losing less than that. The normal and safe rate to lose on calorie counting is 1/2lb a week. This keeps your body healthy, because with too much calorie restriction, or calorie deficit, our bodies go into starvation mode and store up everything. Is also keeps our bodies working at their optimum if we lose slowly but steadily.

The first couple of weeks usually sees a lot of water weight loss which is what you'll probably experience too.

I know 1/2 lb is not a lot, and i guess if you work very hard and have a big goal to reach then you could lose more but it will not be good in the long run, because as soon as you finish the diet the weight will come back if you've lost it too suddently.
Remeber there are 3500 calories in a lb, that's a lot of calories!

Good luck on your weight loss, it will all be so worth it when you start to notice a difference!


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My god Lemony, really? As little as 1/2 pound?

I'm going to be around a while then :(


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3lb is still a good weight loses, you should be proud of that....when I first started I thought I could lose like 6 lb a week like they do on the biggest loser but I now realise its not going to happen and they exercise like three times a day I think. 3200 calories too a pound is a loooooot of calories.:sigh:..lots of work to do.


wants to get super fit!
Hey, don't get down - it really is a lot you know! Every tiny bit you take away is gone making your goal ever nearer. Remember as well that if you were ill you were probably using up zilch calories (except for the ones we need to live!!) because you wouldn't have moving about, never mind exercise!


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Remember as well that if you were ill you were probably using up zilch calories
Yeah, you're right. I was in bed for nearly the whole 48 hours so there was zero exertion lol.

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