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1st weigh in/feeling sick


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Had my first weigh in last night and have lost 7 lbs :D
Was really pleased as the first week not half as bad as I expected.

However, today feel quite sick. Had a tetra block at lunch, not sure if it was too rich as I usually split the shakes in two and have them more watery so I can have more

Hoping to lose another 5lbs this weeks
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Hi Bobbin

Well done on your 7lbs!! The Tetras are more concentrated that the normal shakes and you need to take extra water with them otherwise the minerals can upset your tum. I usually have a large glass of water just before I have mine.

Hope you feel better soon hun.

Congrats on that 7lbs that's fantastic!!!!! As for the feeling sick i often felt sick with the tetras if i didnt drink enough water with them, maybe try splitting them? Hope you're feeling better hun and congrats again!!!!!!


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Thanks for the advice - I bought them as I am on a training course next week so will have to have lunch away from my office - I will take a cup and water them down. Can have twice as much then

Also got a bar to try - have cut it into 6 so I can have a piece every night as a treat!!
when i used to have the tetras i had to drink nrly a litre of water with them to stop me feeling dodgy and mmmmm ive just discovered the bars and they mmmm scrummdiddlyumptious


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Really looking forward to the bars next week. Any tips on the best flavours? Mind they are all covered in choc - yum yum!
WOOP! well done on the losses bobbin. Be careful about siming for 5lbs this week though, my second week losses are usually quite low....sounding like a true restart pro now arent I! hahaha!



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Well done on the 7lbs!!

I only have the choc tetras, I have them split in half with hot water to make a choccie drink. I find them too concentrated drinking them as they are.


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Sorry Tansy x

I did read your post and thought I'd said well done, then realised I'd not!
Good on ya - its my weight 1st weigh in 2morr & I'm brikkin it :eek::eek:

I had a nitemare last nite that the CDC got rid of me as I was the 1st person in the history of CD that put on in their first week of SS'ing :(....

Mind you my mtgs are fortnightly so I am off to the shops to purchase some digital scales - mine at home arent all that as they go down in 2lbs at a time so its easy to mis-judge.

I was 14.4 when I started a wk ago - my goal is 10st....

Anyway - really well done on your 1st loss, specially after you thought you hadnt done too good!
I only like the chocolate bars the other are a bit too sickly for me but mmmm they're scrummy hehe
well done bobbin.... congrats on the 7lb
i have my 1st weigh in 2moro, really not looking 4ward 2 it.... i havent cheated at all, but just worried if im still the same weight or sumthing


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Thanks to everyone for their kind words and support - its really appreciated. And GOOD LUCK to all those who have their first weigh ins this week, hope you lose LOADS!

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