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1st weigh in gutted :(

Kitty, chin UP! It's 4 pounds lighter than you were a week ago, well done! Don't be downhearted, and don't go off the rails that's a GREAT loss, long may it continue, you're doing so well.

KB x

PS we all want more weight loss than we get, never happy when we should be!
Hey, try walking around with 2 bags of sugar all day - 4lbs is a great start!! Lose that every week for 4 weeks and its over a stone in a month!! Stay positive xx
Thats twice the average recommended weight loss of 2lbs per week , so thats a great start!!!
The trick with the sugar is a mental think try and have something weighing 1lb in your cupboard just to remind you how much you have actually lost.:cool:
Only 4lbs??!! Thats a great loss!! Well done x


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i know that you think 4lbs isnt much, but seriously, get something that weighs 4lbs and you will be amazed!!!!
i lost 4lbs in my first week of the tabs too (i think) and i know what it feels like to think.. wow all this for 4lbs... but i then had my hubby give me a plate with all these random things on it, and said here hold this.....
i was shocked!!!

and then the other day he gave me a massive bag with about 20 slimfast bottles in it and said carry that round.... i then asked how much it weighs, and it weighed 1 stone... it was massivly heavy!! and he said you have lost almost 3 of them!!!!!
i was gobsmacked!

good luck for the next week... and lets hope you can keep it up.. but dont worry if it does drop down.. this is normal!
well actually its --1814g--1.81kg--64oz u have done fantastic. keep up the battle its a marathon not a sprint (couldnt even run if i tried) we are all in it together.xx
i must admit my hubby has been soooooo incredibly supportive through out this. and he is my rock... so yeah if i could i would share him out to you all for you bit of moral support
hiya, i started xenical last thursday, and if i should get a 4 pounds loss i'd be over the moon, think of it you've lost 4 bags of sugar, thats an awful lot, dont worry too much next weeks loss might just surprise u.

keep your head up

Oi you!! 4lbs is bloody fantastic lady and you should be very proud of yourself - you could look at it as you've lost 7% of the total weight you want to lose in just one week, wow!

Glad you're sounding a bit more positive sweetie, you're doing great


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