1st Weigh In Of Restart


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Well I managed to restart....after binging over the last 3 months (got to goal in September) then put on 28lbs !!!!!!!!!!!!

I ate and ate and ate over Christmas......and when I weighed in last Sunday morning I weighed 12.12....a long way from my 11 stone !

Today I weighed in and I am very vry pleased to report a 13lbs loss !!!!!!!!!

More than I lost on week 1 when I began in June (I lost 11lbs the first week).

I am bouncing off the walls as I feel sooooooooo good ! I have my days of hating CD, then I get a day like this and think wooooo hoooo !

So I have to stay focused.....2 more weeks until my birthday and I am going to try my best, 11.7 would be nice for my birthday night out !

Keep going everyone ! Reap those rewards ! There is room in my wagon !

Love Cx
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:wow: Thats fab Charley well done you can get back to where you were so quick and stay there this time.

And more than Week 1 last time is amazing. Stay focused hon you will be there again before you know it xxxx


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Thank you Jimmy !!!!!!!!!!!!!! No have to try and not reward myself with food ! I am shocked at 13lbs, I had 3 bars this week and cottage cheese twice.....I think most of what I was holding was water !!!!!!!!!!!


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S: 14st9lb C: 10st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.6 Loss: 4st0lb(27.32%)
It will have been hon, i did SS+ to lose my weight so the cottage cheese shouldn't of affected anything either. I am on 1000 now but its terrible i am struggling to eat all my cals my whole relationship with food has changed so much x


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Thats amazing! Well done and such a good motivator to see a loss like that :) xxxx


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That's a fab loss, well done you!! Takes you down to the the next stone bracket which is great! I'm sure if you keep with it you'll be at 11.7 for your birthday no problem, well done!


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Morning charley! chick thanx for the lovely message today, but really when you were on CD last year your diary helped me alot i would read everyday.! And just by reading them made me want to start CD and finish CD so really You are a very big inspiration too!! And from reading your restart weightloss this morning hun just shows everybody else too.!
So for you reaching 11.7 for your birthday will be a piece of cake wont it.?? (yes shanny) lol.
Right must carry on with this fitness dvd now.!

well done charley xx


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Woah !!!!!!! ...... amazing loss ! .. bet you feel amazing :) really great insperation when your new to CSD well done xx


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Well done Charley! 13lbs is great, almost a stone in one week WOW!!! I think a few of us who got to goal (or almost lol in my case) in September have put a few pounds on since then! We're about the same size, I'm 5 foot 6 and 11 stone 10 re-start weight which was yesterday so lets do this together!!!



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That's a fabulous loss Charley, well done :clap:


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Thank you all so much for your messages :) I am having my 2nd shake of the day now !

I feel so much better than last Sunday ! Still a way to go, but in the zone, now just to keep IN the zone.......

The cold doesn't help ! I crave nice hot things (buttered toast............) Stop Stop Stop !

Hehe Love Me x


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Charley!! That's amazing and gives me motivation for my restart tomorrow. I too have ate and ate and ate over the past few weeks and have gained more than half stone over Christmas which is stone and 3lbs since my lightest weight last year so need to nip it in the bud!!

Roll on the 11s again!!

Keep up your good work!!:D


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Hi Charley,wow thats an amazing 1st loss.

I have restarted back on cd after being off plan since xmas eve,don't know what my weight is at the mo (don't own a set of scales) but am due to be weighed on wed eve.
Will let you know then what the damage is weight wise lol.

It's good to see that you can get just as good (if not better) results second time around.

Wish me luck and well done again xx