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1st weigh in, throughly deflated

well it was my 1st weigh in today,

i've been to southport with hubby and i sat in a pub drinking water, watching him and friends have lovely food.

managed to get to my weigh in a hour late, lady didn't mind.

And i thought that i was doing so good, on my scales i had lost 8lb, so was real excited.

wore same clothes as last week.

And guess what

well last week i was 10st 12lb

today i was 10st 8 1/4lb

so a loss of 3 3/4 lb or 4lb as my leader wrote down

All this hard work and what for.

have to say even the leaders face was in shock.

i've not told hubby as he has been so supportive of me, and to be honest i've not told him what it costs, as it's not cash we can afford. And i've come away with another £35 worth of food again.

my head is spinning and i just want to cry buckets. But i can't cause he'll ask why. Can't wait to go to bed.

I don't think that i can go on with this after tonight.
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Did you drink enough water???? cos you know thats key! im shocked at your loss as well and want to say im sorry hunni, but maybe next week youl have a huge loss
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Oh don't feel so down heartened, 4lbs is a fantastic loss, I was about the same as you in my first week. And remember you had been out and about drinking water all day so you may have been heavier with all that water weight in you!! If you got weighed in the morning then you would have probably lost more.

If if makes you feel better stick to your scales for your loss but still go to your weekly WI's, you may find that they will even themselves out or there will always be the same difference between the two figures.

Please don't give up through, because you have done so well to get through the first week and you can only go onwards and downwards from here. You never know you may have an even bigger loss next week!!
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Why so down hun? 3 and 3/4 lbs is fab!! The average weekly loss on CD is 3-4lbs so please don't be downhearted!!! Its really hard to lose that amount of weight unless following a VLCD so you should be proud of yourself for achieving that loss!! Please don't get down about it! Also you weigh more at the end of the day than the morning. I usually weigh as much as 4lbs more in the evening than I do in the morning!!

Keep drinking the water, as I found that if I don't drink enough I don't lose as fast, and also if you are exercising more than usual I found that too can slow down my weightloss as muscle weighs more than fat.

Chin up hun xx
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oh sweetheart. You sound so down. But 4lbs off is still over a stone a month, you do realise that? Some of the folks on here are much bigger than you to start with and fatter people always lose much more weight at the start than those who are not carrying so much extra. I am bigger than you and I would be delighted with a 3lb loss at my first WI - any more than that is a bonus. Think positive - if you hadn't done your last week you'd be 4lbs heavier than you are now, if not more.

Chin up. Onwards and upwards. 4lbs next week - that's more than half a stone!
thanks for all of those

i have been doing a vlcd

i've only had 2 shakes a day and 1 soup

drank gallons of water

and i've done no excercise.

i know it is quite a bit of weight, but when i started ww i lost 6lb in my 1st week, and i'd ate food for that.
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A litre of water weighs a kilogram. I bet you were just full of water and hadn't peed out much yet.


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Hey maybe its to do with not having a lot to lose! I know its your first week but if you haven't got a lot to lose then you cant lose huge!
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Hi hun, I can understand you being disappointed but it sounds like you were drinking right before your weigh in and that can make quite a difference on the scales. 4lb is still a great loss so try not to be too downhearted xxx
I am so sorry the loss wasn't as much as you thought it was going to be. Did you weigh yourself when you got home to check what your scales said? There could be a variety of reasons why on the day it wasn't as much.

I would say, if you could give it one more week and see what next week brings. How much weight do you have to lose? If you've not got a lot, it may be a bit slower than say me who has 14 stone to lose, but you will get there. Take it easy, don't be too hard on yourself hun x
i want to loose 1 and a half stone.

i actually hadn't drank a lot of water this afternoon, because i knew we was going out, i started drinking very early this morning drank 2 lts before 9.00am, then i wouldnt' want to go to the toilet that much whilst i was out.

this aft i only had 2 half pint glasses in the pub.

i've just drank another 2lts of the stuff.
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You've done the hard work getting through the first week stick with it.... it gets easier from here.
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It is a scientific and physical fact that you will lose weight on this diet. There is no chance it won't work for you I promise. Sometimes the body messes about and holds on to more water, particularly if you are a woman and it has weird moments, but there is no way you can be on a VLCD and not lose weight ... it is fact! So please don't worry, i bet my right arm you'll have a massive loss next week, some people seem to lose regularly 3/4 lbs others lose a pound one week and 7 the next. It's just the different ways our body works. But you will lose a stone a month if you stick to this diet, there is no doubt. Keep strong and keep going! Julia xx
(PS. I put a pound on this morning and all i had yesterday was 3 packs and water!!! Our bodies are crazy!!)


Please kick my butt!!
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please please keep going.the hardest part is over now, onwards and downwards with those scales. why dont you ask your CDC about a different programme that involves a meal. good luck with the next week xoxox
If you don't have much to lose, your probably going to lose weight slower! that's the way it goes.. for your weightloss nearly four pounds is brilliant!

It's a big positive!! don't be dis-heartened!
thanks for those messages

i'll try with more water.
Hi there, I'm unsure why you're dissapointed. At this rate you'll be on the diet for a grand total of 5 weeks! Don't get disheartened because lots of others lose 8-10lbs. I know you say you lost 6lbs on WW which is unusual but maybe that's a more suitable diet for you? Whatever gets you to goal I say! Good luck but please don't be dissapointed with 4lb's - that's how much I lost last week and I was stoked! I have about another 3 stone to go so a bit more than you. Just need to put it in perspective. There are people on this site that are going to be on this diet for another 6 months... you are I are lucky compared to them...


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I'm sorry you're disappointed with your weight loss hun but as others have said, 4lbs is a good loss. I lost a lb a week on SW, now thats slow progress!!! Chin up hun :):):)


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My home scales are only indicating 4lbs lost and I only have 1 more day til weigh in. I'm surprised but as long as it is steady. Roll on Weds.

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