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1st weigh in...

I lost 11lbs!

well chuffed. was absolutely sick of lipotrim yesterday and ended up munching down a couple of bits of my daughters pasta bows out of desperation but then felt immensely guilty and stupid as it was the day before my weigh in... thing is i know if i'd made a shake i wouldnt have eaten but anyway i did lots of skipping and exercise after and drank tons of water which hopefully counteracted the damage.

on to next week, i'd like to lose 3-5lb please!
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Here we go again!
Well done on the 11lbs, that's a great loss.

Stick with it and stay positive, you will lose all you want to if you just stick with it. Good luck but I doubt you'll need it!
thanks mini :D

...onwards and downwards!
Well done Jemimarobin 11lbs is fantastic! :)
Struggle... struggle...

Thank you xmas, isis and tinkerbell - I appreciate your support.

Ugh. Today I am really struggling.

Just no energy, feel a bit sick, crap day at work, *****iness and snipey going on making it v unpleasant working environment.

I even had shiatsu today which i normally love but I can't shake this dreadful tiredness. Been 100% tfr so far today but this is exactly the kind of energy slump I would normal self medicate with food to try to make me feel better. But am going to try so hard to resist. I can see a bit of change in my shape already, am toning up with exercise, although i'm giving it a miss today as I'm just so zonked.

The weightloss is positive just need to keep focused today. someone said i looked fab today although i feel half dead, so that's a good thing at least!

going to drag myself through this day and hope tomorrow is better.... def couldnt do this without minimins!


Are We There Yet?
I feel run down today. I think it is days of hot weather that make it hard to have restful sleep at night. Just keep going, because knowing you stuck to plan will help you smile a lot when you start feeling better :)


From Piglet to Twiglet
Jemima - I've just come out the other side of feeling dreadful and I feel great, so it does pass. And it's much harder when you've been in a nasty work environment. But just keep thinking about how much you've lost and fabulous you're going to look very very soon. Good luck and keep going!
Thanks again Isis and xmas.

This week I have lost 4lbs which is a lot less than last week but I have a lot less to lose this time around so guess it will be slower after the first week, 4lbs is still good i reckon!

that means i've lost 15lbs in 14 days, I look and feel better already, I've gone through some of my pre pregnancy clothes and have started trying them on with the determination that they will fit one day soon!

I've struggled this week as i had to go to hospital for a procedure and it was vile and did too much exercise and felt like i was dying- couldnt shake off the nausea but i'm still alive and still standing!

I've just got my hair cut and everyone's like wow you look amazing. it made me realise i always walk looking at the floor outside but today i have been looking up out and proud because my hair and bit of weight loss has made me feel more confident.

Just want to get past 10.5 now as that's the lowest i've ever seen on the scales!

hope to lose 3-5lbs next week and week after then switch to maintenance possibly.

i'm desperate to be 9 stone something and a size 12... for now!


Here we go again!
Well done on another 4lbs. I think that's a great loss to have each week. Good luck with week 3!

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